WANTED – Chain Reaction (2022)

WANTED - Chain Reaction (2022) - full

It’s a crime that WANTED last year’s album ”Chain Reaction” was so silently released. These young dudes scream major exposure. according to press release, musically they are influenced from Metallica and Dokken to White Lion and Tesla – I would add all the ’80s style and sound.
When I first put this on I played the first three songs at least five times in a row stunned by their effortless grace, but I also gulped in the darker guitar work, particularly with the excellent ‘Outta Love’ which begins like a ballad but chugs with a killer riff.

Opener ‘Don’t Leave Yourself Behind’ trots in on a glammy pop percussive beat and then toys the ears with a bubblegum hook and those nostalgic vocal croons. However, this is not an album that sticks to one route, but what it does do is rock with whichever path it chooses, like the flighty ‘No Warning’ which again boasts that Ratt-like edginess with its riffage.
If, like me, you finally step into the waters of the rest of the record after being blown away by those opening trio of tracks then you’ll be mesmerised by the harmonious White Lion-esque ‘Reason’, the slow-tempo strut of ‘Bite The Bullet’, and the muscular nuances of ‘Give When It’s Given’.

This really is a fantastic hard rock album and I could imagine every rock fan raised in the ’80s drooling over the timeless sway of ‘Let Me’, while the stunning axe work and almost funky coolness of ‘Whisky Man’ will have you slipping onto the dance floor to become one with the sleazy swagger.

”Chain Reaction” is a killer album; a wholesome yet deftly crafted hard rock extravaganza culminating in the splendidly self-indulgent axe fest of closer ‘Retrospective’. Don’t miss this one if you have a penchant for melodic 80s hard rock with style.
Highly Recommended


01 – Don’t Leave Yourself Behind
02 – No Warning
03 – Outta’ Love
04 – Turn Up The Night
05 – Reason
06 – Bite The Bullet
07 – Give When It’s Given
08 – Let Me (Nate Peck Version)
09 – Whisky Man
10 – Retrospective

Nate Peck – lead vocals
Alan Mares – lead guitar
Christian Shonts – rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul Slezak – bass, vocals
Jameson Clark – drums, percussion



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