BILL WRAY – Seize The Moment ’83 [Bad Reputation remaster +2] (2023) *HQ*

BILL WRAY - Seize The Moment '83 [Bad Reputation remaster +2] (2023) *HQ* - full

A cult classic for ’80s AOR fans, BILL WRAY 1983’s ‘Seize The Moment‘ only was released on vinyl LP / cassette and turned hard to find for decades. Now excellent reissue label Bad Reputation has released ‘Seize The Moment’ for the first time on CD, remastered and including 2 bonus tacks for the pleasure of all ’80s American radio-rock fans.
With songwriting contributions from the likes of Russ Ballard and featuring great session musicians such as Jeff Silverman (Jimi Jamison), drum maestro Mike Baird, Craig Hull (Steve Perry), John Philip Shenale (Rick Springfield) just to name a few, ”Seize The Moment” is one of these absolutely lovable early Eighties radio-friendly AORish albums.

BILL WRAY started as solo artist in the Seventies releasing several albums but since the mid-80s focused his career writing and producing songs for other artists including Loverboy, Eric Martin, Lisa Hartman, Trixter, etc.
He is also known as an active contributor to lovely ’80s soundtracks. Wray has penned and / or performed tracks for ‘Tilt’, ‘Private School’, ‘Navy Seals’ or the mythical AOR tune ‘No Mercy’ included in the ‘Lionheart’ OST.
Opener “(You’re A) Heartbreaker” is a clear proof of that ’80s pedigree:, from the first notes you can hear those magical keyboards to die for.

“(You’re A) Heartbreaker” was past of the album’s only single, a melodic and commercial tune hungry for radio airplay. Follower “She Loves The Radio” has a title that speaks for itself: absolutely catchy and wimpy AOR song with massive synths. A winner.
Then “Goin’ Down” (the lead single) is a vintage rock n roller with some honky piano and classic rock structure. “After All These Years” is the ballad here, a nice classic bluesy rock slow tune with female back-up vocals.

The AORish “Someone To Love” including a fine guitar solo ends the ‘side A’ of the original vinyl. “Tonight” is a fresh commercial rocker with a contagious chorus, followed by the retro-rock “Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do”.”Jealous” has a very nice AOR feel thanks to the keyboard arrangement and the midtempo pace. “Young Girls Rule The World” is a ‘ol rock while the southern tingled “You And Me Tonight” is a gentle semi-slow classic rocker.

Well produced and recorded with a classy American radio-rock sound from the era – read polished and clean bright sound – “Seize The Moment” is pure ’80s, and fans from the era will love it.
Highly Recommended


01 – (You’re A) Heartbreaker
02 – She Loves The Radio
03 – Goin’ Down
04 – After All These Years
05 – Someone To Love
06 – Tonight
07 – Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do
08 – Jealous
09 – Young Girls Rule The World
10 – You And Me Tonight
11 – Louisiana Rain [Bonus Track]
12 – Raised On The Radio [Bonus Track]

Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar – Bill Wray
Guitar – Craig Hull, Josh Leo
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jeff A. Silverman
Horns – Tower Of Power
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – John Philip Shenale
Keyboards – Steven Goldstein “The Gold”
Bass – Dennis Belfield
Drums – Mike Baird
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Piano – Nicky Hopkins
Tenor Saxophone – Emilio Castillo
Alto Saxophone – Marc Russo
Trombone, Trumpet – Bill Lamb
Trumpet – Greg Adams
Backing Vocals – Darlene Love, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Tom Kelly



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