DARK SKY – Believe It (Asian Edition) [2000] out of print

DARK SKY - Belive It (Asian Edition) [2000] out of print - full

Germans rockers DARK SKY released a new album few days ago and many of you asked for their first, debut album which musically is pretty different to the band’s current sound. Originally self-released in 1998 and later reissued by a small label, the album, titled “Believe It“, is pure hook-laden Melodic Rock / AOR with an ’80s feeling.
These were hard days for the genre as radio was not paying attention to this type of music. Oddly, DARK SKY became popular in Malaysia, with “Believe It” being released there including a song in a local language. This is that Asian Edition, a CD which also sold well in Japan.
This is keyboard-driven melodic rock with crunchy guitars and powerful poppy AOR choruses. Take the keyboard leads from Europe’s Final Countdown and combine them with strong German hard rock like Fair Warning or Bonfire, and that will give you a taste of what the band sounds like.

While production could be better, considering the recording was on a budget and financed by themselves, “Believe It” sounds great. The music is tight and well executed; the songs, catchy, anthemic as hell.
The only possible detraction to some people is that the lead singer has a heavy German accent, but if that doesn’t bother you (as it doesn’t me), this is must-have material for AOR fans. The track sung in Malaysian is even quite good.

This disc should be more well known by Eighties rock aficionados. Title track ‘Believe It’ (very Europe), the synth driven anthem ‘Rock Me’, ‘Stay Young’, ‘Living in Paradise’, ‘Pray for the World’, are all winners.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rock Me
02 – Stay Young
03 – Masih Ada Rindu
04 – In The Name Of God
05 – Pray For The World
06 – On And On
07 – Magna Quaedam Spectare
08 – Gimme A Try
09 – Believe It
10 – Tell Me Why
11 – Jane
12 – Living In Paradise
13 – Call Me
14 – Eternity

Frank Breuninger – vocals
Steffen Ashes Doll – guitars
Winny Zurek – bass
Uwe Mayer – drums
Claudio Nobile – keyboards


out of print

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