DREAMSTREET – Heartzone [Retrospect Records Remastered] Out Of Print

DREAMSTREET - Heartzone [Retrospect Records Remastered] full

As requested, here’s for first time on CD the unreleased 1986-87 recordings from Cleveland’s DREAMSTREET. Titled “Heartzone“, this is a wonderful slice of pure US Melodic Rock / AOR with ‘that’ classy style and good production. Think AVIATOR, PREVIEW, JOURNEY, etc.
While the quality of the material on offer here is quite impressive, none of the already interested record labels secured a deal and DREAMSTREET disbanded soon, and some members went on to form DEFCON.

Beginning as a studio project, DREAMSTREET was formed in the Fall of 1987. Ron Redfield, Tony Artino & Nick LePar, fellow band mates from a local Cleveland group named Quick, teamed up and began to write new material for a side project which became DREAMSTREET.
Once the new songs were completed, the guys were ready to go into the studio and start recording. A good friend to the band, Kevin Valentine (DONNIE IRIS, THE INNOCENT), was brought on board as producer/engineer.
At this point, DREAMSTREET did not decide on a lead vocalist as of yet.

When the music tracks were completed and it was time to lay down the vocals, Kevin suggested bringing in his fellow band mate from THE INNOCENT, frontman Rodney Psyka. Then everything fell into place and the DREAMSTREET puzzle was completed.
The band would go on to showcase for record companies with no avail, one of them asking to postpone the project for the next year. Some band members didn’t wanted to wait and DREAMSTREET disbanded a less than a year of its foundation.

DREAMSTREET - Heartzone [Retrospect Records Remastered] back 

Since then, DREAMSTREET has periodically reunited to perform as an opening act for many national artists playing the Cleveland/Akron concert venues including a televised 1999/2000 New Years Eve concert at Cleveland’s Public Square for an audience of over 100,000.
“Head Troubles”, “Survive”, “Power Of Love”, “Heartzone”, in fact all songs are beautiful hook-laden power charged AOR tunes from the mid-Eighties, and of course HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in your collection.


01 – Money
02 – Power Of Love
03 – Heartzone
04 – Head Troubles
05 – Survive
06 – Fade Away
07 – Face To Face
08 – King Of The Night

Rodney Psyka – vocals, percussion
Ron Redfield – guitars, vocals
Tony Artino – guitar, vocals
Nick Lepar – drums, percussion


Out of print

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