JUDAS PRIEST – Killing Machine [remastered for Japan only + bonus tracks] *HQ*

JUDAS PRIEST - Killing Machine [remastered for Japan only + bonus tracks] *HQ* - full

Here we have a very interesting release, not only for being a very good JUDAS PRIEST album – 1978’s “Killing Machine“, titled ‘Hell Bent for Leather’ in the USA – but for its exclusive remaster for the Japanese market.
A Sony Music representative in Japan asked the band for permission to remaster the album for this 2012 reissue, which was actually approved, allowing the album to be released only in Japan. While “Killing Machine” years later was remastered for a world-wide reissue, this one is unique, powerful, heavy-edgy.
Additionally, the release includes two bonus tracks, the killer “Fight For Your Life” (recorded during 1982 Screaming for Vengeance sessions, it’s an early version of ‘Rock Hard Ride Free’ later appeared in Defenders of the Faith in 1984), and “Riding on the Wind” (Live at the US Festival, Devore, California; 29 May 1983) – both pretty awesome.
And “Killing Machine” as a whole is killer indeed, the first Priest LP with a more commercial style while still featuring the edge and the dark lyrics. For many, the best Judas Priest album.

“Killing Machine” shows a versatility that must be the envy of most other metal bands There is every kind of emotion to be experienced on listening to this album. From the gut wrenching title track, through the anthem ‘Take On The World’ and the heart crushing ‘Before The Dawn’, to the commercial ‘Evening Star’, this album has it all and sums up the band’s philosophy perfectly.
It’s early, classic metal in its pure essence.
We love the sound quality of this Japanese release / remaster.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Delivering The Goods
02 – Rock Forever
03 – Evening Star
04 – Hell Bent For Leather
05 – Take On The World
06 – Burnin’ Up
07 – The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
08 – Killing Machine
09 – Running Wild
10 – Before The Dawn
11 – Evil Fantasies
12 – Fight For Your Life (Studio Bonus Track)
13 – Riding On The Wind (Live – Bonus Track)

Rob Halford – vocals
K. K. Downing – guitars
Glenn Tipton – guitars, keyboards on “Before the Dawn”
Ian Hill – bass except “Take on the World”
Les Binks – drums except “Before the Dawn”
Dave Holland – drums (bonus tracks)


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