ESCAPE THE HIVE – This Is Gonna Sting (2023)

ESCAPE THE HIVE - This Is Gonna Sting (2023) - full

Founded by talented vocalist Michael Thomas Beck, known for his work with Kings Of Dust and Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, ESCAPE THE HIVE is a veritable powerhouse of musical prowess featuring their debut album “This Is Gonna Sting“.
Joined by experienced musicians guitarist James ‘Rooster’ Olson (Big & Rich, Mark Chestnutt) and Conrad Varela, keyboardist Mike Vars, bassist Paul Williams (of DL Marble) and drummer A.D. Adams (Crash Street Kids, Dirty Looks, Beat Angels) ESCAPE THE HIVE is an oiled rock n’ roll machine with their roots firmly planted in classic Arena Rock along the lines of Foreigner, Deep Purple, Journey and the like.
Escape The Hive has material that’s said to sit alongside their new contemporaries in the New Wave of Classic Rock phenomenon that’s taking hold across the world. The band has masterfully blended here the best elements of ’70s classic rock and ’80s arena rock, not as a mere nostalgia trip, but as a bold step forward for the genre.
And they kill!

Recorded at Phoenix’s Soundvision Studios, ”This is Gonna Sting” was produced by frontman Beck and shows the quintet expanding on those Arena Rock influences with modern production values. The sonics of the record are a throwback to that sound with a very vintage approach. There’s a bluesy hard rocking background plus soaring harmonies that are ingrained in that writing style with some of the flash and dynamics of the ’80s.

As for standout tracks, ‘I Can See It’ kicks off the album with a bang, setting the tone for what’s to come. The Deep Purple Eighties-era ‘Separate Lives’ is plenty of energy, then ‘It’s Not Alright‘ is a mesmerizing gem that showcases the band’s emotional depth.
‘Separate Lives’ is a powerhouse of a number, while ‘Roll The Dice‘ brings the album to a rocking climax.

Escape The Hive‘s ‘This Is Gonna Sting‘ is a brilliant debut that pays homage to rock’s glorious past while carving a path for its future. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the timeless magic of melodic hard rock.
Get ready to be stung by the infectious melodies and electrifying energy of Escape The Hive.
Highly Recommended


1 – I Can See It
2 – Separate Lives
3 – I’ve Seen the Future
4 – In Between
5 – It’s Not Alright
6 – Something
7 – Watchin You, Watchin’ Me
8 – Roll the Dice

Michael Thomas Beck (vocals)
James ‘Rooster’ Olson (guitars)
Conrad Varela (guitars)
Mike Vars (keyboards/backing vocals)
Paul Williams (bass/backing vocals)
A.D. Adams (drums/percussion/backing vocals)



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