JELUSICK – Follow The Blind Man (2023) *HQ*

JELUSICK - Follow The Blind Man (2023) - full

Dino Jelusick is one of the greatest, new young hard rock / metal vocalists to hit the scene recently. He surprised fronting the band Animal Drive releasing a killer album and an EP where Dino awesomely performs classic hard rock songs.
Since 2016, Dino became a permanent member of American rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He also worked with Gus G, George Lynch, Michael Romeo, Jeff Scott Soto, Joel Hoekstra, Kip Winger, etc. And currently is the newest member of Whitesnake having toured all over Europe with them.
Last year, after a two-year-long legal battle with with ex- record label was over, Dino immediately started recording new songs for his own band JELUSICK.
Follow The Blind Man” is the title of JELUSICK’s debut album out on Escape Music, and not only it’s a showcase for Dino’s incredible voice, but also his solid songwriting and talented band members.

At places bringing to mind Ronnie Jameas Dio, at others Jorn, and why not David Coverdale during the most melodic songs, Dino is a pleasure to listen to. ‘Animal Inside’, ‘Reign of Vultures’, ‘The Great Divide’, the midpaced title track’Follow The Blind Man’ are killer numbers.
The band sound tight, confident, the perfect support for thes strong songs, and the vibrant production take power to even higher heights.
A terrific debut album.


01. Reign of Vultures
02. Died
03. Animal Inside
04. Follow The Blind Man
05. What I Want
06. Acid Rain
07. Healer
08. The Great Divide
09. Fly High Again
10. Chaos Master
11. The Bitter End (Chaos Master part 2)

Dino Jelusick (lead vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards)
Ivan Keller (guitars)
Luke Broderick (bass)
Mario Lepoglavec (drums)


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