MAGIC DANCE – Vanishings [Special Deluxe Edition +8] (2023) *HQ*

MAGIC DANCE - Vanishings [Special Deluxe Edition +8] (2023) *HQ* - full

MAGIC DANCE from New York are the absolute kings of AOR / synthwave ’80s retro sounds. Their album “Vanishing” (2016) is currently being re-issued on CD with lots of bonus material. There are eight bonus tracks included.
This is just an amazing record where mastermind Jon Siejka digs out these melodies and magical sounds from his Eighties jukebox. Almost impossible to name tracks to specifically check out – all are good – but you easily get goosebumps from songs like “Another Lost Boy”, “Another Life, Another Time”, “Still Haunting Me”, etc.
On ”Vanishings [Special Deluxe Edition +8]” Siejka not only has perfected the songwriting, but injected a definitive AOR sound to the proceedings, with melodic guitar solos, real bass guitar and drums. There is a staggering mastery of classic ’80s songcraft on display here, plus Siejka has incredibly grown as vocalist.

”Vanishings [Special Deluxe Edition +8]” delivers a gem after gem, and musically there’s not only synths galore like before: all tracks feature great instrumentation and arrangements. Jon Siejka / Magic Dance definitely found his niche with this new sound direction / song-format; the retro synthwave of his origins but now mixed with ’80s radio-friendly AOR.
Big, clear vocals, catchy melodies and tons of hooks plus pumping bass lines and some killer guitar work. We love this. You’ll love this.

I see (or better, hear) “Vanishings” like a mix of everything you ever loved about Richard Marx or Bryan Adams and that classic epic ’80s movie soundtracks, every time your heart ever felt heroic or in love is what Magic Dance is all about.
“Vanishings” is all pure and true to the era and absolutely ‘magical’.
AWESOME ’80s inspired album


01 – Another Lost Boy
02 – When We Were Young
03 – The Mirror
04 – I Need A Name
05 – Love Was Not Enough
06 – I Wanna Know
07 – Fighting the Fire
08 – Better Than No Hand
09 – Still Haunting Me
10 – So Far Away From Home
11 – Lost
12 – Last Light (Remastered)
13 – Another Life, Another Time (Remastered)
14 – When We Were Young (Sturgeon ’87 Mix)
15 – I Need A Name (Sturgeon ’87 Mix)
16 – I Wanna Know (Kevin Krug Mix)
17 – Still Haunting Me (Sean Townsend Piano Version)
18 – So Far Away From Home (Instrumental)

All Songs, Vocals, Synths & Programming by Jon Siejka
Mixed and Mastered by Jarek Musil
Guitar solos by Tim Mackey
Bass by Kevin Krug



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