APRIL WINE – Harder… Faster [Japan SHM-CD remaster] (2016) HQ *Exclusive*

APRIL WINE - Harder... Faster [Japan SHM-CD remaster] (2016) HQ *Exclusive* - full

As requested, here’s in exclusive the rocking 1979’s album “Harder… Faster” from APRIL WINE, in its now sold out / not easy to find Japanese pressing on high quality SHM-CD, fully remastered, on a mini LP format faithfully replicating its first pressing LP design.
As suggested by its title, ”Harder… Faster” sees the Canadian rockers taking things up a notch with relentless slabs of commercial, catchy hard rock in “I Like to Rock” which was immediately embraced by American radio, and included guitar riffs from Day Tripper and Satisfaction. But it was the song ”Say Hello” that ensured this album’s success.
The popularity of these songs helped keep the album on US Billboard’s 200 Album charts for a span of 40 weeks, finally paying off as their international fame and stardom grew.

For many fans, ”Harder Faster” is April Wine’s finest work. It was their first album with the three guitar attack and their first album that received strong airplay in the States. The band was on top of their game here. Their sound was raw, punchy, and the three guitars gave their own unique sound and allowed interplay between them to great effect. Just listen to “Ladies Man.”

Also on hand is the memorable cool groover called “Say Hello,” and the dual personality of “Tonite,” which alternates between quiet balladry and all-out riffing. Band leader Myles Goodwyn even relinquishes the spotlight in a rare show of democracy to second guitarist Brian Greenway on the impressive “Before the Dawn.” There’s a killer angular riff on “Babes In Arms”, a very well-written track that stands out as highlight too.
Lastly, a daring cover of the King Crimson classic “21st Century Schizoid Man” has guitarists Myles Goodwyn, Brian Greenaway and Gary Moffet throwing down over a hellacious drum pattern from Jerry Mercer. It takes balls to cover Crimson, and these guys do it without falling on their faces.

Ultimately, this is a consistently strong album which sets the stage for what would be April Wine’s most successful effort, the following year’s ‘The Nature of the Beast’.
However, as said, ”Harder… Faster” is for many their best LP ever. This remaster sound quality is really good, capturing the raw rocking attack from the original tapes.
This one is a sure-thing in terms of the band’s catalog and timeless classic hard rock. Get it, throw it on and just ROCK.
Highly Recommended

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UICY~778331 【SHM-CD】

01 – I Like To Rock
02 – Say Hello
03 – Tonite
04 – Ladies Man
05 – Before The Dawn
06 – Babes In Arms
07 – Better Do It Well
08 – 21st Century Schizoid Man

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars
Brian Greenway – vocals, guitars
Gary Moffet – guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang – bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer – drums


Sold out:

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