BLOODY DICE – Bloody Dice [Eonian Records] (2023)

BLOODY DICE - Bloody Dice [Eonian Records] (2023) - full

Very good label Eonian Records have signed Denmark new band of hard rockers BLOODY DICE for their debut album, the self-titled ”Bloody Dice”, and in short, this CD is bloody… fantastic!
The vision of this band is to play music the same way they want to hear music, with dynamics and “swing.” The mission is to bring back, and to emphasize simplicity and honest expression of hard rock.
BLOODY DICE is a good mixture of nationalities and genres. Vocalist Dagfinn Joensen, from the Faroe Islands, is probably best known for being the lead singer in the reborn Danish, Eighties AOR / Melodic Rock band Fate.
Drummer Kenneth Olsen, also from Denmark, played in Progressive Metal renowned band Royal Hunt. Bassist Stuart O’Neill, who is British, was involved with Spanish speaking Heavy Metal outfit, Mal Costumbre. Guitarist Nickie Jensen, a native Dane, played in a modern Melodic Rock band called Violmace.
Recorded by top class Producer & Engineer Flemming Rasmussen, ”Bloody Dice” is one of the surprises of the year – classic hard rock with a big groove, a traditional yet modern sounding beast.

What you get here is a real no frills, no tricks, back to basics hard rock / metal album – no keyboards either. First track ‘Bloody Dice’ has a throbbing bass intro care of sole Brit in the band Stuart O’Neill, then the song itself is sheer quality with great riffs and an assured, measured delivery from superb vocalist Dagfinn Joensen. This is a great song blessed also with a killer solo.
‘Machine’ is a juggernaut with a quality counter melody to show it off, and ‘Live For Today’ is another banger, with a riff that reminds me of early Judas Priest, while Thorn In Their Side’ has bite but so much quality in the songwriting that you could imagine it as an AOR belter.

‘The Conflict’ is a monster with riffs to wow any Metallica 1990 fan, while ‘Road To Ruin’ is another killer with a terrific breakdown section that shows off Joensen’s superb voice and the percussive skills of Kenneth Olsen. Then there’s yet another stunning solo from Jensen!
‘Slave’ is like one of the best Soundgarden songs, a huge catchy track, and then it’s time for a breather with ‘Hangover’, an expressive bluesy piece with Jensen given the freedom to play around the slow groove and let go.
‘My Own Way’ comes rocking out of ZZ Top territory, while ‘Evil Desire’ would have had Ronnie James Dio itching to sing it! The final run in is a one-two punch of the grinding ‘Vigilante’ and the twisting groove of ‘Backdoor Man’.

For a debut record, ”Bloody Dice” is an absolutely stunning achievement – great songs, great players. The production is crisp and the mix provides a groovy, monolithic sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bloody Dice
02 – Machine
03 – Live For Today
04 – Thorn In Their Side
05 – The Conflict
06 – Road To Ruin
07 – Slave
08 – Hangover
09 – My Own Way
10 – Evil Desire
11 – Vigilante
12 – Backdoor Man

Dagfinn Joensen – Vocals
Nickie Jensen – Guitars
Stuart O’Neill – Bass
Kenneth Olsen – Drums



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