S.U.N. – Something Unto Nothing (Sass Jordan + Brian Tichy)

S.U.N. - Something Unto Nothing (2012) download

SOMETHING UNTO NOTHING, or simply S.U.N., is the super-group featuring the whiskey-soaked female voice of Canadian icon and Juno Award winner Sass Jordan, and renowned songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Tichy, known for his work with Foreigner, Ozzy, Lynch Mob, Whitesnake, etc.
Their debut CD “Something Unto Nothing” surprised with its quality, and we assure that this platter will rock your ears. As requested, here’s this extraordinary album.
British-born, Canadian-raised may seem an unlikely source for such a soul-filled bluesy vocalist, but Sass Jordan has been pouring out her smoky sound and gaining fans with her raspy powerhouse voice for a couple of decades.
As session musician, Tichy played in one of Jordan’s record, and after many years they reconnected and started to write together.
Both felt that in order to write the best, trend-free music they could, they needed to get away. They chose the mountains of Canyon Country and in an old, deserted shack S.U.N. was born.

Completing the band that drives this music home is Michael Devin (Whitesnake, Jason Bonham, Kenny Wayne Shepperd) on bass and Tommy Stewart (Godsmack, Fuel, Everclear) pounded out skins. S.U.N. plays bluesy hard rock with a Seventies feel but their sound is definitely updated, with an ’80s vibe and soaring melodies.

From the opening song “Burned” the band seems to be having a helluva good time, with a great vibe and energy. Jordan has a terrific set of pipes, and sometimes she sounds like a male, plenty of swagger and attitude.
It should be noted that Brian Tichy is mostly known as drummer, but hell, the guy can play the guitar on par the best around there. His Les Paul delivers tons of melodious solos and tasteful riffs through classic set-up amps. I can hear Whitesnake over some of the songs, as on the killer “Crazy Head”, the catchy “I’m The One” and the superb “Razed” (which reminds me Coverdale/Page).

There’s more bluesy numbers yet not less impactful such as the soulful “Mobile Again” and the ballads “If I Was You” and “Goodbye”. The combo also explores some hard-funk territories in the hooky “Did Me No Good”, and acoustics in the great (a highlight) title track “S.U.N.” and the Lovemongers-like “Wide Ocean”.
“Something Unto Nothing” spreads talent all over.

Sass is an incredibly singer and Tichy does not stop to surprise with his class as musician – this time away from the drums – delivering a fantastic six-string work, varied, captivating, showing an overwhelming technique yet soulful, emotional.
If you don’t like the Seventies style, don’t be fooled by the marketing about this album; the songwriting is ’70 hard blues based, but the sound and general style is really updated (some ’80s vibe) with crisp, brilliant delivery both in performances and production.
Very, Highly Recommended


01. Burned
02. Crazy Head
03. Nomad
04. Did Me No Good
05. Mobile Again
06. I’m The One
07. If I Was You
08. The Beginning Of The End (Instr.)
09. Razed
10. Wide Ocean
11. No Way Home
12. S.U.N.
13. Goodbye

Sass Jordan – Vocals
Brian Tichy – Guitars
Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Stewart – Drums & Percussion



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