SLOWBURN – Fire Starter (2023)

SLOWBURN - Fire Starter (2023) - full

Initially conceived in 2015, SLOWBURN has undergone significant transformations to refine their sound despite the setbacks triggered by the pandemic – line-up changes and an absence from live performances – the band has remained resolute, earning their stripes by sharing the stage with iconic acts such as Steve Grimmet Grim Reaper, Tank, and Praying Mantis, among others.
Fire Starter” is SLOWBURN new album released today delivering high-octane metal with a nice, crunchy guitar sound, galloping basslines (it’s pure Steve Harris worship with a bit of Geddy Lee too) and high-pitched vocals that are sure to get your head banging. The guys show up their influences, from early ’83 Queensryche, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin to Metal Church and Blackfoot.
There’s a good variety of pacing, so ”Fire Starter’ flows well – short songs and 40 minutes. Slowburn (in contrast to their name) can speed things up, like on the raucous “The Price of Liberty” and “Psycho Wars” as well as dial it back on cuts like “Exiled.”

On Slowburn’s sound there’s plenty of NWOBHM as well, but there’s also some late 70s influence that comes from the likes of UFO, along with the Zep, then ”Nowhere To Run” adds some W.A.S.P. “The Beast” has wild, darker vocal lines, making me think of early Trouble if they played more traditional metal, while “Touch the Sky” has something of an epic ebb and flow, like Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.”
Slowburn’s founder Jorge Serrano is almost a lead bassist for this record, in unison with Miguel Coello’s guitars for the rapid fire riffs, but also the hook for Jorge Saez’s drumming to keep the rhythms fast and tight. Rounding out the band is Guillermo Munoz whose vocals are sky high but fit perfectly with the histrionic metal style of Slowburn.

Don’t let the stoner band name fool you, ”Fire Starter” is an incendiary record with handpicked hard rock and metal influences. This is a straightforward, and consistently entertaining album with plenty of propulsive songwriting and throw-your-fist-in-the-air energy.
If unadulterated classic sounding metal is what gets you going, Slowburn is a band to check out.
Highly Recommended


01 – Psycho War
02 – Exiled
03 – The Beast
04 – On Fire
05 – I’m Revenge
06 – Two Years
07 – Touch the Sky
08 – Last Chance
09 – Falling
10 – The Price of Liberty

Guillermo Munoz – Vocals
Jorge Serrano – Bass
Jorge Saez – Drums
Miguel Coello – Guitars



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