STEPHAN GEORG (all vocals by David Reece) – Swallow The Glow (2023)

STEPHAN GEORG (all vocals by David Reece) - Swallow The Glow (2023) - full

Member and songwriter for the bands TIGHT and TREASURE HUNT, German guitarist STEPHAN GEORG has already released four solo albums in recent time. That happens because Georg has recorded most of these tracks in the last ten years, with the help of renowned singers putting their voices such as David Reece (ex- ACCEPT, BANGALORE CHOIR), Alexx Stahl (BONFIRE), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Tim Ripper Owens (JUDAS PRIEST) and more.
Now Oct 31, ready for Halloween, STEPHAN GEORG is releasing “Swallow The Glow“, his new solo outing but this time featuring 10 songs all sung by David Reece. The album is some kind of a wink to Georg’s favorite album, ACCEPT 1989’s “Heat The Heat” where Reece replaced Udo Dirkschneider at the mic.
As we may expect, “Swallow The Glow” style & sound frings to mind late ’80s hard rock / classic metal with a strong ACCEPT feel – their most melodic side – and ALCATRAZZ, STEELER, and alike.
It doesn’t matters when the songs on “Swallow The Glow” where recorded (presumably many years ago) this is timeless hard rocking stuff very well produced, all mixed & mastered by renowned Torben Enevoldsen (ROB MORATTI, ACACIA AVENUE).

David Reece already did the honors singing on some tracks from previous Georg albums, however here he’s at charge of all 10 tracks. This results into a very cohesive record which sounds and feels like a real band. The playing is tight and to the point – 10 rockers, no ballads – straightforward and uncompromising bangers with an ’80s soul.
And while this is his own album Georg is a guitarist who doesn’t need to show off his skills all the time, but who uses his playing – the riffs or the solos – in a well-placed manner allowing the others instruments to breathe and of course, providing room for Reece’s big voice.

This becomes particularly evident with tracks like ‘The Scorpio’ or ‘Princess Of Ice’ that rock so irresistibly – these really sound like a ‘lost’ ACCEPT material. I can’t help but ‘Don’t Give Up’ or ‘Lonely Woman’ have a certain ALCATRAZZ touch, while ‘Seven Days A Week’ adds a melodic hard rock vibe to the record.
‘Piece Of Gold’ is the closest to a ballad here, a midtempo yet still possessing nerve which provides a nice balance to the album. Then the heavier ‘Soulless City’ brings to mind some STEELER.

All previous STEPHAN GEORG solo albums are very enjoyable however “Swallow The Glow” is the most solid, cohesive of all, in part thanks to Reece singing on all songs, in part to the songwriting approach – this is quality, timeless traditional hard rock.
Fans of old-school hard rock / metal and any of the mentioned bands above, grab this disc now.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Scorpio
02 – Don’t Give Up
03 – Steel Lady
04 – Lonely Woman
05 – Piece Of Gold
06 – Princess Of Ice
07 – Race Like Crazy
08 – Seven Days A Week
09 – Everybody’s Wife
10 – Soulless City

All Vocals – David Reece
Guitars – Stephan Georg
Drums – Karsten Drexler
Bass – Arnd Kardell, Oliver Scholz, Stefan Drees
Mixed & mastered by Torben Enevoldsen



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