MOTORHEAD – Another Perfect Day [40th Anniversary Deluxe] (2023)

MOTORHEAD - Another Perfect Day [40th Anniversary Deluxe] (2023) - full

Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, BMG is about to release a deluxe, expanded, 2-disc remastered version of ”Another Perfect Day”, the sixth studio album by British metallers Motörhead. It was originally released on 4 June 1983 via Bronze Records, which would be the band’s last full-length original album with the label. It is the band’s only studio album to feature lead guitarist Brian “Robbo” Robertson, best known for his work with Thin Lizzy.
This 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes an amplifier blowing remaster of the original album, previously unreleased demo bonus tracks, and a previously unreleased full concert recorded at Hull City Hall on June 22, 1983.
With the addition of Robertson, Motörhead took a more “musical” approach — in Lemmy Kilmister’s words — to ”Another Perfect Day”. Rather than relying on flat-out speed and aggression as they had with guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke Clarke, Lemmy and company hunkered down in the studio and crafted some of the most melodic and “produced” material to ever don the Motörhead name.

Robertson’s effects-laden guitar overdubs are the most striking difference between ”Another Perfect Day” and the albums that came before and after it. Tracks like “Shine” and “I Got Mine” best showcase this altered approach, with Lemmy hitting some of the most melodic vocal lines of his career to match Robbo’s guitar work.

As history would have it, the guitarist’s tenure in Motörhead would be short lived, as the lineup proved dysfunctional during the following tour in 1983. A previously unreleased concert recording from that tour, “Live at Hull City Hall, 22nd June 1983,” is included in this expanded edition of ”Another Perfect Day”.
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Disc 1
01. Back At The Funny Farm
02. Shine
03. Dancing On Your Grave
04. Rock It
05. One Track Mind
06. Another Perfect Day
07. Off To War
08. I Got Mine
09. Tales Of Glory
10. Die You Bastard
Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased):
11. Turn You Round Again (I Got Mine, B-Side)
12. Hoochie Coochie Man (Live, Shine B-Side)
13. (Don’t Need) Religion (Live, Shine B-Side)
14. Climber (Demo)
15. Fast One (Demo)
16. Chinese (Demo)
17. Climber (Instrumental Demo)


Disc 2
Live At Hull City Hall, June, 22, 1983 (Previously Unreleased)
01. Back At The Funny Farm
02. Tales Of Glory
03. Heart Of Stone
04. Shoot You In The Back
05. Marching Off To War
06. Iron Horse / Born To Lose
07. Another Perfect Day
08. Hoochie Coochie Man
09. (Don’t Need) Religion
10. One Track Mind
11. Go To Hell
12. America
13. Shine
14. Dancing On Your Grave
15. Rock It
16. Bite The Bullet
17. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

Lemmy – bass, vocals
Brian “Robbo” Robertson – guitars, piano, backing vocals
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor – drums


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