ROMEO’S DAUGHTER – Slipstream (2023) *HQ*

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Slipstream (2023) *HQ* - full

British female fronted AOR institution ROMEO’S DAUGHTER have a new album 2023. Entitled “Slipstream“, the release follows the band decision to only make new music available on physical CD.
It’s been far too long since Romeo’s Daughter graced us with a full album. Their last album, the excellent Spin came out in 2015 and since then the band has undergone near tragedy and recruited a new bassist in the imposing shape of perma-sunglassed Steve Drennan.
Leigh Matty and the boys know the winning formula for a Romeos Daughter Eighties inspired AOR / Melodic rock and haven’t gone far off piste with this album. What they have done is craft ten new songs that stand up well on their own, with their own musical personality, but when sat together they make this a sparkling piece of work that sees the band on top form and loving what they do.

“Over You” sets things off in a suitably melodic rock style and the most noticeable feature is how guitar orientated things are compared to the classic early albums which featured heavy use of keyboards.
Everything which is up next is an insistent modern pop-rock / AOR / melodic rock tune where guitarist and songwriter Craig Joiner excels on the six strings. Vocalist Leigh Matty shows that she hasn’t lost any of her skills on the absolutely lovely “How Does it Feel” replete with sensitive solo by Mr Joiner.

“Inseparable” shows a more rocking side of the band powered by the rhythm section of the aforementioned Steve Drennan and long term sticksman Andy Wellsford who I’m sure used to be credited as ‘Wells’. “Rumour” has echoes of “Sugar Daddy” from 1993’s Delectable possibly because of Leigh Matty’s sensuous vocals and the mid tempo nature of the tune.

If there was a side two we’d now be flipping things over for “Thinkin About You” (no idea why there’s no apostrophe) which cranks the guitars up in a mannered, sophisticated way before “Time of Your Life” which would be the obvious single if they were still a thing, it’s instant earworm territory and is typical of the mature radio-rock on this splendid album.

“Good Man Gone Bad” is a bit heavier without ever threatening to stray into Slayer territory but does of course, have a memorable chorus. Continuing the songs with the word ‘man’ in the title theme “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” features arguably Matty’s best vocal on the album (she’s great on everything to be fair) and more superb work from the fretboard of Craig Joiner.
“Fake” which concludes the album is co-written by Joiner and Matty and is absolutely designed to get the crowd going in a live setting and finishes the album on a real high.

Romeo’s Daughter aren’t exactly prolific so we should celebrate each missive they send us but hopefully it won’t be eight years before we get another because ”Slipstream” is such a good album and worthy of a place in the band’s fine canon.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Over You
02 – Everything
03 – How Does It Feel
04 – Inseparable
05 – Rumour
06 – Thinkin About You
07 – Time Of Your Life
08 – Good Man Gone Bad
09 – I’ll Make A Man Out Of You
10 – Fake

Leigh Matty – lead vocals
Craig Joiner – guitar
Stephen Drennan – bass
Andy Wells – drums



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    Thanks for the upload. Note that the _FLAC file on this set is not actually the FLAC file, but the mp3 file with a wrong name.

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