ROMEO’S DAUGHTER – Spin (2015) *HQ*

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Spin (2015) *HQ* - full

UK’s ROMEO’S DAUGHTER created one of the most lovable female-fronted melodic rock / AOR albums ever with their ’88 debut produced in part by talented Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange, and a solid follower in ’93.
After their very good comeback album in 2012, the quintet fronted by the stunning Leigh Matty (voted Number 5 Lady Rock Singer of all time in Classic Rock / AOR Magazine) returned in 2015 with a new studio record entitled “Spin”, released via their own record label and only on physical CD.
“Spin” includes all the traditional elements of the band but they are delivered in a contemporary, matured way. It’s been 26 whole years since the classic debut and the band grew up, so Romeo’s Daughter sound here is rightly updated.
But don’t worry, “Spin” is a glorious mix of classy melodic rock / AOR and all with the pure velvety tones of Leigh Matty leading the way.

The opening tune “Touch” exactly paints what Romeo’s Daughter is in 2015; rockier, ‘darker’ but with the melody in front row. Craig Joiner’s jabbing guitar riff and Leigh’s deep vocal in the first verse set the tone before bursting into a huge chorus where keyboards add to the mix in great stabs.
“Already Gone” starts on a chug along riff before a cracking pace is set before a massive multi layered chorus. The excellent mix shines with Craig’s riff to the fore but you marvel at Ed Poole’s bass work that underpins the whole tune. “Love Will Come To Those That Wait” is just a brilliant power ballad and it’s movin’ to the band’s earlier works.

“Enemy” has a chorus line that will make you whistle it for days while “Tonight” seems like an edgy rocker taken from the band’s second album.
In “All Because Of You” we have a catchy uptempo song with a beautiful chorus and a sweet melody to die for. Smoky Leigh vocal and classy keys on this one.
“Didn’t See You Coming” begins on a picked acoustic guitar on a song that is Romeo’s Daughter unplugged. Leigh’s vocal soars in the chorus to new heights and during the verse is quite hazy in comparison. I’m sure it would be a huge hit if radio picked it up.

What you can expect from a song called “Radio” done by a melodic rock band? An ultra-catchy track. The chorus is fantastic with the lyrics saying ‘give me guitars’ and a melody that I will sing out loud. It has a great pump and a lengthy Craig guitar solo takes it to new altitude.
“Perfect Plan” and “Tall Buildings” finish the album in style. The former all stop start guitar riff and a big chorus, the latter built on an early drum pattern plus round bass lines that then builds into the chorus where Matty’s vocal whoa whoah’s fit snuggly.

With “Spin” Romeo’s Daughter have matured and while the overall sound is more ‘edgy’, this new album is packed with a bunch of feel-good, summer-ready tunes plenty of melody and catchy choruses.
“Spin” sees Romeo’s Daughter embracing their past but also looking to the future with an album that equally will delight old & young Melodic Rock aficionados.
Highly Recommended


01. Touch
02. Already Gone
03. Love will come to those who wait
04. Enemy
05. Didn’t see it coming
06. Radio
07. Tonight
08. All Because of you
09. Perfect Plan
10. Tall Buildings

Leigh Matty – Vocals
Craig Joiner – Guitars
Tony Mitman – Keyboards
Ed Poole – Bass
Andy Wells – Drums



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