SEVENTH CRYSTAL – Infinity (2023)

SEVENTH CRYSTAL - Infinity (2023) - full

Swedish melodic hard rockers SEVENTH CRYSTAL are releasing today a new EP entitled ”Infinity” via Frontiers Music. It follows their much praised ‘Wonderland’ album issued earlier this year.
“Infinity actually came about while we were recording Wonderland,” reveals drummer Anton Roos. “And instead of putting the songs on the album as bonus, we felt that these songs had a life of their own and deserved a place of their own. It’s an EP where we take a bit of a turn”.

Yes, indeed the songs on ”Infinity” are a bit different from the last full album. There’s a more melodic rock approach, less harder. In fact, most of the new songs on this EP are better than the previous material written by the band.
I mean, on ‘Wonderland’ SEVENTH CRYSTAL the band balanced the record with heavy / modern sounding tracks with more melodic, arena-rock type of tunes. We think the band excels when the go smooth, melodic.
The melodic hard rock style on ‘Infinity’ suits great for SEVENTH CRYSTAL, a band with skilled musicians able to create a more accessible rocking sound. And production is excellent.


01 – Infinity
02 – Memory Lane
03 – Ready, Set, Go!
04 – Rivals
05 – Silence

Kristian Fyhr – vocals
Emil Dornerus – guitar
Gustav Linde – guitar
Johan Älvsång – keyboards
Olof Gadd, – bass
Anton Roos – drums



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