SHAYNE MALONE – Sacred (2023)

SHAYNE MALONE - Sacred (2023) - full

Looking for the perfect melodic rock song” – that statement pretty much resumes SHAYNE MALONE‘s ambition. The New Zealand born songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist has been delivering really good examples during the past decade, releasing enjoyable albums plenty of sing-along songs.
Malone describe his music as ‘big stadium rock’, anthem songs with a huge 80s flavor; .’Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Van Halen… that’s my faves’ – says Malone – ‘their Eighties era, of course’.
Now this talented one-man-band (he does everything, from writing & performing to the layered production) is releasing his new album entitled “Sacred“, another sweet, melodic-rockin’ collection of tunes. Just 10 tracks, 44 minutes, like in the good old times.
And the ‘good ole times‘ means the classic sound of Def Lepp, Blue Tears, Casanova, Bryan Adams… you name it.

Shayne started to play guitar at his 9-year old and since has been part of various bands. He become professional at his 14 however opted for other job when got married after his twenties. But Shane never abandoned music.
Over the years he kept composing and playing, and finally decided to record his own songs, starting a solo career.

Malone manages everything himself: songwriting, all instruments & vocals, recording, production, and mix / mastering. With today’s available technology, he’s dare to replicate the multi-track layered production from the 80s, and he does it darn well.

Alongside the likes of Dallas or Jace Pawlak, Shane Malone proves that if you have the skills and knowledge of how to write & arrange an 80s inspired tune, you can craft a wonderful album by yourself.
As happened with his previous albums, Malone inspirations come from the ’80s, however on “Sacred” he’s expanding the sound palette to the early ’90s as well, on some songs adding acoustic guitar, on others modern synths / keys.
Highly Recommended


01 – Atom Bomb
02 – Promises Sealed In Blood
03 – You’re Not Into Me
04 – Wonder Why I Know
05 – Silhouette City
06 – The Lady (Alternative Version)
07 – Grandfather
08 – Sweet Louise
09 – Rock Tonight
10 – The Past Is Here

Performed, recorded, produced, and mastered by Shayne Malone
All instruments and vocals by Shayne Malone



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