SILENT ANGEL – Unyielding, Unrelenting (2023)

SILENT ANGEL - Unyielding, Unrelenting (2023) - full

International bands are commonplace today. The internet takes borders away, seeking out the best musicians from any part of the world. Take SILENT ANGEL – a melodic / symphonic metal act that contains members from Malaysia and Italy, together in part since 1998 as BlueBlood – going on hiatus for fifteen years before returning in 2015, a new lineup breathing life into their sound, including talented Italian singer Claudia Beltrame.
SILENT ANGEL are now unleashing their new album entitled “Unyielding, Unrelenting“. Considering the songwriting encompasses the entire lifespan of the group, it’s easy to understand why these ten tracks contain a lot of qualities that fans of the genre will easily appreciate.

The employment of dual female singers with Beltrame (also of Degrees of Truth) and Gracie Shona gives the band depth in terms of the styles explored because of their ranges – everything from rock to metal and operatic angles touched upon, coming together to harmonize certain passages for “Through Selene’s Eyes” to add more emotional, dramatic tension that mirrors the musical components.
Guitarist Eric Poon as the main songwriter drives influences like Helloween, Hammerfall, and Stratovarius to the forefront, dazzling with tasty positive chord progressions and sophisticated lead breaks that make “Against the Tides” and “Descent Into Infinity” early appealers.

At certain times Silent Angel also explores 80s classic heroes like Iron Maiden when you hear the main hooks and higher melodies of “Angel Rising”, the drumming from Pae steady with interesting power moves which line up to the energetic guitar runs.
The longest track “Twilight of the Black Rose” concludes the record, a six-minute plus outing that contains a calmer intro, choir / orchestration components, dazzling neoclassical keyboard / guitar break tradeoffs and some acrobatic vocals to showcase the multi-genre influences at play with these musicians.

Years in the making, ”Unyielding, Unrelenting” is an elaborated, well crafted album. Pulling songs together that span decades, Silent Angel hopefully can develop more new material in a timely fashion to see where they are able to take things for the future.
For now, this is an adequate representation of a band with plenty of potential to expand their creative horizons.
Highly Recommended


01 – Unyielding Spirit
02 – Against The Tides
03 – A Destiny In Shadows
04 – Through Selene’s Eyes
05 – Aurora’s Dream
06 – Descent Into Infinity
07 – When Dusk Meets Dawn
08 – Angel Rising
09 – Tears Of Celestine
10 – Twilight Of The Black Rose

ERIC ‘STORMBLADE’ POON: Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar
DAUZ: Bass
DAVIDE SCUTERI: Keyboards / Synthesizer
PAE: Drums


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