WILD DOGS – Reign Of Terror [Deluxe Edition Divebomb Records remaster +3] *HQ*

WILD DOGS - Reign Of Terror [Deluxe Edition Divebomb Records remaster +3] *HQ* - full

Portland’s WILD DOGS strategically decided to switch things up after two albums with popular indie metal label, Shrapnel Records. The first major change came with the recruitment of new vocalist with a more traditional hard rock background, Michael Furlong, to fill the newly vacant front man position. His arrival brought with it an entirely new range and influence the band magnificently channeled into their compositions.
Secondly, the band collectively decided to supercharge their ferocious musical tactics for what would become their magnum opus, 1987’s ”Reign Of Terror”, which helped to define and influence the U.S. Metal scene for years to come. Part of the new dynamics of the band was the impressive drumming of talented Deen Castronovo.

Unfortunately, ”Reign Of Terror”, published via the band’s new label Enigma Records, went belly up a few months after the album hit the streets and that was that. WILD DOGS did continue on without label support playing shows when they could and even began work on a follow up album.
After many years out of print, Divebomb Records ordered this very good remaster of ”Reign Of Terror” and reissued this powerful ’80s record with the addition of 3 bonus tracks.

This Divebomb Records special deluxe edition reissue is very welcomed. The 20 page booklet contains band supplied archival photos and features full lyrics with brand new interview with guitarist Jeff Mark detailing the making of the album. This edition also contains 3 high quality pre-production demos including the never before released track, “Eat You Alive.”
Fans of Impellitteri, Racer X, Vicious Rumors, Armored Saint, Megadeth, etc, will enjoy this platter aplenty.
Highly Recommended


01 – Metal Fuel (In The Blood)
02 – Man Against Machine
03 – Call Of The Dark
04 – Siberian Vacation
05 – Psychoradio
06 – Streets Of Berlin
07 – Spellshock
08 – Reign Of Terror
09 – We Rule The Night
10 – Eat You Alive (Rehearsal Demo 1986)
11 – Man Against Machine (Rehearsal Demo 1986)
12 – Reign Of Terror (Rehearsal Demo 1986)

Vocals – Michael Furlong
Guitar – Jeff Mark
Bass – Rick Bartel
Drums – Deen Castronovo



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