CASEY MAUNDER – Until Your Heart Stops Beating (2023) *Exclusive*

CASEY MAUNDER - Until Your Heart Stops Beating (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Originating from Swansea, Wales, UK, singer / songwriter CASEY MAUNDER has been part of several bands such as The Cherry Thieves, with whom he toured the UK. Frequently featured in such esteemed publications as Melody Maker and Kerrang, the band were influenced by L.A.’s Glam rock scene. The next chapter brought a new group, Four Stories High. Their sound, although inspired by Casey’s previous band, was a new, explorative progression. Again, a UK tour brought them to the attention of radio stations, including Welsh TV Slots, who then launched their single, ‘Another Day’, as a feature on a ‘Best Of UK’ compilation.
Becoming a solo artist in 2021, Casey’s signature sound features prominent classic rock&pop riffs, big choruses and melodic focus. That’s what you’ll hear on his solo album “Until Your Heart Stops Beating“.
The record – written & performed by Casey himself with the help of producer is James Weaver (who also play many instruments) is a delicious slice of poppy melodic rock with influences from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000’s. Think a mix of Waltham, Dion Bayman, 7th Heaven, late Nineties Harem Scarem… feel good rockers very well written and produced.
Hey, take a look at the cover art, Casey with his guitar and LP’s of David Lee Roth, Poison, Van Halen…

The album begins with the thunderous riff of ‘Set Yourself on Fire’. A rocking number that is full of energy and power driven by melodic hard riffs and with a catchy chorus. This is soon followed by the urgent entrance of ‘Rolling at The Rathouse’ a track that had plenty of airplay on Planet Rock Radio amongst others. We love how Casey’s powerful vocals drive this number along. ‘Rolling at The Rathouse’ has a killer chorus that will stay with you forever. It’s a very autobiographical song about hopes and dreams.

‘Thinking About the Moon’ starts off quite differently, a wonderful power ballad with clever lyrics, soaring vocals and nice keyboards. There’s a clever change of tempo at the 2:20 mark, which totally lifts the song to a new level – simply brilliant stuff.
‘I Won’t Go’ is another track that reveals how good Casey is at writing a radio friendly song. Acoustically driven, this tune would fit well on any mainstream radio station.
Talking about radio friendly, ‘Click Me, Swipe Me, Follow Me, Like Me’ epitomises the more commercial aspect of Casey’s writing. The catchy chorus and modern-day theme of how we live in a society where heads are stuck in phones etc and how the ‘image’ is of paramount importance. How the need to be ‘perfect’ and accepted can rule people’s lives. The track tick all the boxes, it even has a clap-along section in the middle.

‘If the World Was Torn in Two’ is quite a statement against racists, religious boundaries and how the media creates the hatred certain people have for anything or anyone that dares to be different. Even though it is an up-tempo, happy feeling song, the message is clear and powerful. Hard hitting lyric wrapped up in a delicious pop rock tune – bliss.
‘Candle in a Jar’ is a breathtakingly, awesome number. We love James Weaver’s production work here. The track has power, depth, energy and a wall of sound that is so magnificent. A highlight.

Ballad time next in the form of ‘Sunflower Seeds in Your Pocket’. Casey’s storytelling on top form here in this ‘lighters in the air’ number that will certainly become a firm favourite with many. Back to the rocking side of Casey Maunder next with the fast paced ‘Slam Dunk Superstar’. Nearly 4 minutes of rock n’ roll to get your teeth into. Excellently performed and easily devoured.
Casey showcase his pipes on the ballad ‘City Rain’. The message Casey delivers here is that if you don’t make the effort to change, then nothing will ever change. It has to be you to take that first step.
The groovy riff of ‘Superman’s Dead’ brings to mind Harem Scarem years as Rubber. Again a melodic chorus all over this strong midtempo rocker with a certain Irish feel.

While self-released & managed, “Until Your Heart Stops Beating” doesn’t sounds like an indie at all. There’s polished arrangement, performances and detailed production.
Any of these songs, in their own right, could be successful singles, no filler at all if you like this band of poppy melodic rock. The quality of the songwriting is really good, with some solid lyrics as well. Each track has a hook in it which makes them a joy to listen to.
Highly Recommended


01 – Set Yourself on Fire
02 – Rolling at the Rat House
03 – Thinking About the Moon
04 – I Won’t Go
05 – Click Me, Swipe Me, Follow Me, Like Me
06 – If the World Was Torn in Two
07 – Candle in the Jar
08 – Sunflower Seeds in Your Pocket
09 – Slam Dunk Superstar
10 – City Rain
11 – Superman’s Dead

Casey Maunder – vocals, guitar, bass, keys
James Weaver- bass, keys, drums



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  1. ROCKY GILIO says:

    Looking for planet x anthology 4 albums 2023 remastered thank you so much

  2. Tyrone says:

    Is there some reason you guys never upload Westcoast/AOR/Yacht rock classics anymore?

    I saw that the westcoast classic Marty Butler self-titled from ’82 got a reissue in 2021. Would go really well for the 0day crowd.

    • 0dayrox says:

      Looks already sold out.
      There isn’t too much interesting Westcoast releases, feel free to suggest some titles

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