UNION – Live In The Galaxy (2023 Remaster)

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John Corabi, former vocalist for Mötley Crüe, formed all-star group UNION in 1997 with ex KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, bassist James Hunting of David Lee Roth’s band, and drummer Brent Fitz of Slash’s band. We already featured UNION albums at 0dayrox as this band needs to be discovered by the masses.
In between the band’s self-titled debut, 1998’s “Union” and 1999’s second studio effort ”The Blue Room”, UNION recorded this “Live In The Galaxy“, and glad they did it.
Captured live at the Galaxy Club, this album is an excellent introduction to the band’s music including several covers of songs from the member’s other projects like KISS’ “Jungle” and “I Walk Alone,” Mötley Crüe’s “Power To The Music” and lots more.
Now Cleopatra Records is reissuing “Live In The Galaxy” with digitally remastered audio plus new artwork. And the remastering really works as this is an intimate, polished performance / clean recording that you barely notice this is “Live”.

Alongside songs from their debut album, the band did their own, wonderful versions of the KiSS songs “Jungle” and “I Walk Alone”, Cheap Trick’s classic “Surrender”, and the Beatles “Hide Your Love Away”, and our fave, “Power to the Music” from Corabi days in Motley Crue.
There’s a lot of talent all over this album, and it’s a welcomed reissue after many years out of print.
Highly Recommended


01 – Old Man Wise (Live – 2023 Remaster)
02 – Around Again (Live – 2023 Remaster)
03 – Heavy D (Live – 2023 Remaster)
04 – Jungle (Live – 2023 Remaster)
05 – Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore) (Live – 2023 Remaster)
06 – Man In The Moon (Live – 2023 Remaster)
07 – I Walk Alone (Live – 2023 Remaster)
08 – Surrender (Live – 2023 Remaster)
09 – Pain Behind Your Eyes (Live – 2023 Remaster)
10 – Power To The Music (Live – 2023 Remaster)
11 – Tangerine (Live – 2023 Remaster)
12 – October Morning Wind (Live – 2023 Remaster)
13 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Live – 2023 Remaster)

John Corabi – lead vocals, guitars
Bruce Kulick – guitars, vocals
Jamie Hunting – bass, vocals
Brent Fitz – drums, vocals



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