IAN CRICHTON BAND / H3O+ (Ian Crichton of Saga & Paul MacAusland of Haywire)

IAN CRICHTON BAND / H3O+ (Ian Crichton of Saga & Paul MacAusland of Haywire) - full

As requested, here’s SAGA’s guitarist IAN CRICHTON solo album / project called “H3O+“. Ian is a terrific guitar player, perhaps the first to introduce the ‘80s shred / sound into a progressive band. Just check out Saga’s albums ‘Heads or Tales’ and especially 1989’s ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Shapes’ with its hard-rock inflected solos.
However, Crichton is totally restrained by the straight-jacket of SAGA’s legacy, and he can’t show up his complete guitar skills within the band style. Then, looking for a more straight-forward hard rock he formed H3O+, also known as IAN CRICHTON BAND.
The 1995 debut album titled “H3O+” (in some countries released with a different title & artwork) features renowned musicians from the Canadian hard rock scene: Haywire lead vocalist Paul MacAusland, Bass player Pat Kilbride (Haywire, Rik Emmett band), drummer Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell band), and Saga’s Steve Negus co-producing.
“H3O+” is classic hard rock with an early ’90s sound, including some instrumental guitar tracks where Crichton finds room to express himself, but also on the sung, song-format rocking tracks delivering flashy burning solos.

Ian Crichton is an excellent guitarist: he rocks really hard, has got a clear melodic sensibility, and his skill on solos and riffs is pristine – as it is the overall production of “H3O+”
He’d make a good hard rock guitarist if he wanted to, but his life is Saga, and “H3O+” is a vehicle for his rock ‘n roll guilty pleasure.
Highly Recommended


01 – Harmony
02 – Touch´n Go
03 – Toy Town
04 – Change
05 – Tuesday
06 – In Your Hands
07 – This Time
08 – Shades Of Blue
09 – To The Edge
10 – Do It
11 – Mr. Skin
12 – Pumpkin Patch
13 – Trust Your Heart

Guitar – Ian Crichton (Saga)
Vocals – Paul MacAusland (Haywire)
Bass – Pat Kilbride (Haywire, Rik Emmett band)
Drums – Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell band)
Guitar track 13 – Steve Negus (Saga)
Produced by Ian Crichton & Steve Negus


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