TYCOON – Tycoon ’79 [Renaissance Records remastered]


One band you need to discover, you, AOR fan, is the quite unknown and often ignored TYCOON, one of the more melodic / FM-ready acts in the genre from the early ’80s. Their excellent debut album 1979’s “Tycoon” has been reissued by Renaissance / RDEG using the last remaster.
Tycoon was a New York based band formed by vocalist Norman Mershon and multi-instumentalist Mark Kreider. The duo recruited some well known session musicians and released this self titled album in the late ’70s which made a modest hit in the charts.
Produced with a slick sound by a young Robert John Lange “Tycoon” is a very enjoyable collection of US AOR / west coast, with multi-part harmony vocals (think Dakota) sweet keyboards and cool choruses. Imagine a mix of Toto, Maxus, Airplay and early Franke & the Knockouts.

Opener ‘Such a Woman” is ridiculously good, and the same apply for all the ten tracks on offer. While after the first listen you may think Tyccon is fluffy, lite stuff to have just a good moment, after repeated listens this album hooks you.
These songs are just so catchy, filled with impressive multi-part harmonies – hey, Mutt Lange was at the desk.
A very fine slice of early american FM radio soft rock / AOR.
Highly Recommended


01 – Such a Woman
02 – Slow Down Boy
03 – Out in the Cold
04 – Don’t You Cry No More
05 – Too Late
06 – The Way That It Goes
07 – Don’t Worry
08 – How Long
09 – Drunken Sailor
10 – Count on Me

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Norman Mershon
Lead Vocals (8, 10) – Mark Rivera
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Strings – Mark Kreider
Drums – Richard Steinberg
Guitar, Synthesizer, Strings, Backing Vocals – Jon Gordon
Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Michael Fonfara
Saxophone, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Mark Rivera

Produced by Robert John Lange



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