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DAVID REECE - Baptized By Fire (2024) - full

Since the late ’80s DAVID REECE charismatic voice has enhanced successful albums by Accept, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and Sainted Sinners, among others. In addition to this, however, he also continued to focus on his solo career.
As the cover and title of his upcoming album “Baptized by Fire” already suggest, the recording is significantly “heavier” than its two predecessors. Twelve new songs full of power, mature and varied.
One reason for this is certainly his new band line-up. In his adopted home of Italy, he found three highly talented, creative collaborators with whom he was able to work on the songs around the clock. A paradise for a thoroughbred musician like Reece.
The new album will be followed by a major release tour. The release month of March will take David Reece on tour through North America, followed by several European countries. A major new chapter in the musical oeuvre of this authentic rock n’ roll musician, who consistently follows his own path.

The opening strains of “Enemy Is Me” alert the listener to a modern angst musically – crunchier, staccato-laden passages sit next to a steady, heavy groove rhythm component, allowing David to sail in his mid-range to slightly higher range capacity comfortably. It’s evident these musicians possess great knowledge of many subgenres across hard rock and metal – venturing into even Latin / cultural angles during “Payback’s A Bitch” or flamenco acoustic guitar prowess for the final bars of “My Heart Burns”.

Bluesy-based riffage in stunted juxtaposition weaves around the seductive phrasing and note choices to make “Wrong Move” an early album highlight, while killer interplay between guitar, bass, and drums in separation as well as unison takes
“Acceptance of Denial” into 90s-period King’s X territory. The finale “Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Today” features a doomy underpinning punctuated with modern licks plus wah-wah break action from guitarist Niccolo Savinelli, unleashing a Michael Schenker meets Zakk Wylde-like fury as the orchestration heightens the drama.
The robust production feels much more in your face and less clinically perfect – another nod to the man’s forward-thinking ability to not stay stagnant sound-wise this deep into his career.

Most listeners should enjoy the intertwining of European musicians next to a seasoned singer such as David Reece. ”Baptized By Fire” explores a bit more of the man’s heavier side, still injecting that classic rock, blues, and soulful nuances that are timeless and quintessential to his professional career. This should be interesting to see how the chemistry continues for future records as it’s already magical here.
Highly Recommended


01. Enemy Is Me
02. We’ve Lost The Fight
03. Wrong Move
04. Payback’s A Bitch
05. No Rest For The Wicked
06. Twilight of the Gods
07. Seasons of A Man
08. Closer To God
09. Archbishop Of Anarchy
10. My Heart Burns
11. Acceptance of Denial
12. Tomorrow Don’t Matter Today

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