DIRE STRAITS – On Every Street [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD] (2024) *HQ*

DIRE STRAITS - On Every Street [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD] (2024) *HQ* - full

DIRE STRAITS never made a big to-do about its final run. In classic understated British fashion, the band simply let its music speak for itself. And how. Originally released in September 1991, ‘On Every Street‘ became the group’s swan song – a lasting testament to the influence, musicianship, and integrity of an ensemble whose merit has never been tainted by cash-grab reunions or farewell treks. It remains an essential part of the Dire Straits catalog and a blueprint of the distinctive U.K. roots rock the collective played for its 15-year career.
Now Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab / MoFi is releasing their Numbered Reissue Remastered Special Edition of ‘On Every Street‘, with a superb sound quality. Mobile Fidelity’s hybrid SACD of ‘On Every Street’ presents the album like it has always been meant to be experienced: in reference-grade audiophile sound.

Recorded at AIR Studios in London and produced by Dire Straits leader Mark Knopfler, it features all of the band’s sonic hallmarks – wide instrumental separation, visceral textures, seemingly limitless air, broad soundstages, atmospherics that you can almost reach out and feel. Each element is made more vibrant, physical, and lifelike on this collectible reissue.

Afforded full-range dynamics and transparent clarity, the songs from ‘On Every Street’ burst with nuanced details and vibrant colors. Dire Straits’ playing appears to float, their intricate performances organized amid hypnotic, fluid, three-dimensional arrangements.
Mobile Fidelity’s definitive-sounding SACD also brings into transparent view Knopfler’s finely sculpted guitar lines, expressive tones, and laid-back vocals – as well as the balanced accompaniment from his band mates. Here’s a record on which you can hear the full blossom and decay of individual notes, and imagine the size and shape of the studio. It is in every regard a demonstration disc. And it happens to be filled with timeless fare.

Remarkably, ‘On Every Street’ almost never came to light. Dire Straits initially dissolved in September 1988 after touring behind its blockbuster Brothers in Arms and suffering the departure of two members.
At the time, Knopfler professed his desire to work on solo material; bassist John Illsley also explored side projects. But Knopfler’s decision in 1989 to form the country-leaning Notting Hillbillies reignited a spark to reconvene his primary band and craft a fresh batch of songs.
Six years removed from Brothers in Arms, Knopfler, Illsley, keyboardist Alan Clark, and keyboardist Guy Fletcher teamed with A-list session pros – Toto’s drummer Jeff Porcaro, steel guitarist Paul Franklin, percussionist Danny Cummings, saxophonist Chris White, guitarist Phil Palmer included – to create what still stands as an unforgettable farewell.

The platinum record brings the band full circle in that it returns Dire Straits to a quartet formation; finds the group refreshingly out of step with the era’s prevailing trends; and sees Knopfler and Co. knocking out song after song with the deceptive ease of a punter tossing back a pint at a pub.
That subtle cool, clever poise, and innate control – signature traits that no other band ever matched – dominate ‘On Every Street’. Knopfler’s clean, virtuosic six-string escapades unfurl with dizzying melodicism and economical efficiency. Led by his winding fills and focused solos, Dire Straits traverse a hybrid landscape of rock, fusion, country, boogie, blues, and pop strains with near-faultless prowess.

More than any other entry in the group’s oeuvre, ‘On Every Street’ welcomes quick detours down back alleys and into the depths of human souls. What makes it more brilliant is its staunch refusal to cater to commercial expectations or take advantage of prior successes; every passage feels true, every measure echoed in the service of song.
It’s evident in the humorous satire of “Heavy Fuel,” closeted desperation of the witty “Calling Elvis,” and shake-and-bake bounce of “The Bug.” It pours from the album’s darker corners, as on the high-and-lonesome melancholy of the title track and bruised emotionalism of “When It Comes to You.”

Hinting at the open-minded approaches and boundless curiosity he’d embrace as a solo artist, Knopfler doesn’t limit himself when it comes to style or subject matter. Look no further than “You and Your Friend,” a shuffle whose all-inclusive lyrics encourage an array of interpretative meanings.
Another of the album’s deep cuts, “Iron Hand,” comes on as one of the band’s most memorable moments – the narrative addressing the abuses of power at the 1984 Battle of Orgreave during the U.K. miners’ strike. Given cinematic heft by the expert production, the true-fiction account puts into perspective the richness, poetry, and depth of ‘On Every Street.

“Every victory has a taste that’s bittersweet,” sings Knopfler on the title track. At least that bittersweetness seldom sounded so damn good on record.
Highly Recommended


01 – Calling Elvis
02 – On Every Street
03 – When It Comes to You
04 – Fade to Black
05 – The Bug
06 – You and Your Friend
07 – Heavy Fuel
08 – Iron Hand
09 – Ticket to Heaven
10 – My Parties
11 – Planet of New Orleans
12 – How Long

Mark Knopfler – vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
John Illsley – bass, backing vocals
Alan Clark – keyboards, string conductor
Guy Fletcher – keyboards, backing vocals
Jeff Porcaro – drums, percussion
Phil Palmer – guitars
Vince Gill – guitar and backing vocals (5)
Paul Franklin – pedal steel guitar, acoustic lap steel guitar (6)
Chris White – flute, saxophones
Manu Katché – drums and percussion (7, 11)
Danny Cummings – percussion
George Martin – string arranger and conductor (9)



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