HEARTLYNE – No Retreat No Surrender [YesterRock remaster] HQ *Exclusive*

HEARTLYNE - No Retreat No Surrender [YesterRock remaster] HQ *Exclusive* - full

HEARTLYNE was the ’80s, first German band of Tommy HEART and Chris LYNE. If these names doesn’t ring a bell to you, Tommy would achieve great success (especially in Japan) as ZENO and FAIR WARNING vocalist, and along with Lyne founded later SOUL DOCTOR. Die-hard AOR collectors already own HEARTLYNE songs recorded between 1986-87 and released as bootleg CDr by the band some years after.
Fortunately, excellent reissue label YesterRock made a deal with Tommy and remastered the recordings from the master tapes and officially released the HEARTLYNE album for the first time under the title “No Retreat No Surrender“. Despite managed by themselves, the songs were recorded in a professional studio, the sound quality is great, polished and crisp.
These primitive recordings have all the charm and freshness of talented people: the young Tommy HEART was already a consumate vocalist, Chris LYNE an interesting guitarist and the rest of the guys capable musicians. Musically ”No Retreat No Surrender” is mid-’80 melodic hard rock / AOR with both German & Scandinavian style from the era.

“No Retreat No Surrender” is a time capsule trip, the pure mid-Eighties feeling is all over here.
The most notable tune is “Starlight” (fortunately YesterRock included as bonus a version never heard before). Another gem is the wonderful keyboard-driven fest “Stay With Me”, very well written, similar of what was to come from Tommy with Zeno and Fair Warning.
“Broken Promises” with its grandiose chorus wouldn’t get out of place in any Scandi AOR album from Sweden.

While some songs lacks some polished rework, we can appreciate the good intentions and the ability to create good melodies. You need listen to this record not expecting a major label production, just enjoy the essence of the songs. The remaster makes these tapes sound great.
If you like pure mid-80s guitar & keyboard driven stuff ala TREAT, CRAAFT, ZINATRA, RETURN, RAW SILK and of course FAIR WARNING and ZENO, don’t miss this one.
Highly Recommended


01 – Starlight
02 – No Retreat No Surrender
03 – Victims Of Your Love
04 – Broken Promises
05 – Strike An Arrow
06 – Change All Over The World
07 – Sacred Heart
08 – Stay With Me
09 – Empty Eyes
10 – Dont Walk Away
11 – Starlight (different version)

Tommy Heart – Lead vocals
Chris Lyne – Lead / acoustic guitars
CW Johannsohn – Lead guitars
Jogy Rautenberg – Bass
Alex Strauch – Keyboards
Karsten Krause – Drums


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