HONEYMOON SUITE – Clifton Hill… Revisited [Limited Edition remixed +2] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive*

HONEYMOON SUITE - Clifton Hill... Revisited [Limited Edition remixed +2] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

Canadian melodic rockers HONEYMOON SUITE returned with a strong new studio album a couple weeks ago, and now we have in exclusive at 0dayrox the band’s studio album ”Clifton Hill” reissued last year, re-mixed and including 2 newly recorded tracks.
”Clifton Hill” was recorded in a old church in Hamilton, Ontario, and produced by Tom Treumuth (who was also the producer of the band’s very first album in 1984). The songs are classic Honeymoon Suite and the sound is a return to that pure melodic rock that made the band famous in the ’80s. The title of the album is a nod to our roots in Niagara Falls, ON, where it all started in 1982.

Clifton Hill… Revisited [Limited Edition remixed +2]” celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the original release, with songs like “She Ain’t Alright” and “Tired O Waitin’” showcasing Honeymoon Suite’s ability to write great melodic hooks with an Eighties feel.
This Limited Edition 2023 reissue (with a revised artwork and tracks in different order) has been remixed from the master tracks at Iguana Studios in Toronto as a true rock mix bringing the songs sound into the modern era. Additionally, songwriter & vocalist Johnnie Dee and guitarist Derry Grehan recorded two bonus acoustic tracks especially for this release.
Highly Recommended

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01 – The House (remixed)
02 – Riffola (remixed)
03 – That’s All U Got (remixed)
04 – Why Should I ? (remixed)
05 – Ordinary (remixed)
06 – She Ain’t Alright (remixed)
07 – Sunday Morning (remixed)
08 – Tired O’ Waiting On You (remixed)
09 – Restless (remixed)
10 – Separate Lives (remixed)
11 – Sittin’ In The Garden (remixed)
12 – Ordinary (acoustic)
13 – Sittin’ In The Garden (acoustic)

Lead Vocals – Johnnie Dee
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Derry Grehan
Bass – Stan Mizcek
Drums – Chris Mcneill
Keyboards – Ray Cockburn


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