IN VAIN – Back to Nowhere (2024)

IN VAIN - Back to Nowhere (2024) - full

Veteran Power / Heavy Metal band IN VAIN has just signed a contract with Fighter Records for the release of their 6th full album entitled “Back To Nowhere“. The band’s journey began at the close of 2003 and over two decades IN VAIN has crafted a legacy touring all over Europe solidifying a faithful fan base.
On “Back To Nowhere” IN VAIN revisits their roots; melodic metal from the Eighties and the classic power metal from the ’90s. Read from Maiden and Priest to Helloween and Blind Guardian. The CD features direct and powerful anthems reminiscent of classic Heavy Metal, showcasing the sound, mastery, and expertise accumulated over their two-decade career.
A song like ‘The Force of Thunder’ is a picture-perfect smash up of the furious pace of metal and power metal monster riffs the band are capable of. Since the opening riff this is a beast of a song. Fans of classic video games, think super Nintendo, check out the band’s video.

“Metal Enlightenment” is pure power metal. The influences on this track, Blind Guardian, Manowar, and Helloween, jump out on the album’s first single. “Never Live Again” is up next, opens with a blistering speed intro, seamlessly transitions into a power metal maelstrom. Nice metal riffing on the track, where vocal harmonies add depth, hearing a hint of Judas Priest, Painkiller era.
“Back to Nowhere” adds a heavy groove change up compared to the rest of the song set. The intro gets your attention. Slick guitar work slips into a driving groovy sound. Scorching metal, this song deserves a few more listens, it’s sneaky good at first listen.

“Dreaming Awake” opens with an amplified acoustic guitar solo piece, a nod to the classical Spanish guitar masters of the distant past, then erupts into a late ’80s era Iron Maiden lost studio track. We envision the song-writing process influenced by a deep appreciation for the Powerslave album.

On musicianship IN VAIN earn high marks. Their technical proficiency is impressive. The drummer is a relentless skin pounding machine. Double bass drum fury throughout entire record. No place for ballads here.
“Back To Nowhere” is melodic metal / power metal; no tricks, no overplay, just well crafted, written and produced headbanging stuff.
Highly Recommended


01 – Story of a Lie
02 – For the Fallen
03 – The Force of Thunder
04 – Never Live Again
05 – The Blind Man
06 – Metal Enlightenment
07 – Days of Glory
08 – Back to Nowhere
09 – The Last Breath of Freedom
10 – Dreaming Awake
11 – Sacred Bond

Daniel Cordon – Vocals, Guitar
Julio Abadia – Lead Guitar
Teo Seoane – Drums
Mario Arredondo – Bass


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