JEFF PARIS – Freak Flag [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +1]

JEFF PARIS - Freak Flag [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +1] full

Freak Flag” is the much sought after fifth solo album from iconic songwriter JEFF PARIS which was initially only released in Japan in 1998. Long time out of print, AOR Heaven Classix has remastered the album including a bonus track.
“Freak Flag” was the follow-up of the experimental Jeff Paris’ effort Smack, and saw him getting back to his AOR / Melodic Rock roots. What made “Freak Flag” so special is that Jeff Paris – an excellent singer in his own right – invited some great vocalists to perform a part of the songs.
The first two tracks were sung by Juno Roxas from the Australian band Roxus (known for their incredible ‘Nightstreet’ album) and show the songwriter at his hard rocking best. Other vocalists include Neville MacDonald (Skin), Derek Davis (Babylon A.D.) and Rick ‘Moon’ Calhoun (Michael Thompson Band).

The guest vocalists were all very positive about the vibe on the recording, as each of them performed the individual song in his own special way, making it something of his own, so to speak.
Of course Jeff sings a couple of songs himself, and despite the diverse array of vocals, the album sounds quite cohesive and solid.
“Freak Flag” packs a great collection of songs, that were sometimes meant to be recorded by other bands.

JEFF PARIS - Freak Flag [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +1]back

This digitally remastered re-issue by AOR Heaven Classix comes with the bonus track “Hygiene” (previously unreleased), which is a nice poppy melodic rock song to conclude the CD.
If this album is still missing in your collection, grab this chance to finally add to it.
A really nice slab of classy Melodic Hard Rock. Highly Recommended.


01 – Love Me Do Me
02 – Invisible Man
03 – Tomorrow May Be Too Late
04 – Fuel To Your Fire
05 – Freedom Road
06 – White People
07 – Life Of My Broken Heart
08 – Let It Out
09 – Bottom Of The Barrel
10 – All Night Long
11 – Dancin’ On The Ashes
12 – Requiem For Stevie Ray
13 – Hygiene [prev. unreleased] (bonus track)

Jeff Paris: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys
Juno Roxas: Vocals
Derek Davis: Vocals
Rick ‘Moon’ Calhoun: Vocals
Nevil MacDonald: Vocals



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