LEAH – The Glory And The Fallen (2024) *HQ*

LEAH - The Glory And The Fallen (2024) *HQ* - full

The Metal world has been graced with a lengthy list of talented women through the decades, and one who stands out is Leah McHenry. McHenry, professionally known as LEAH, has been actively making her mark on the scene for thirteen years now.
The Glory And The Fallen” is the beautiful new album from Canadian songstress LEAH. Originally, the project started two years ago as a kickstarter campaign and now will be available to the rest of this that missed out on that. Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN), Timo Somers (Arjen Lucassen, ex Delain) and Sander Zoer (Delain) were also involved as guest musicians.
LEAH’s music is tagged as female sympho, but her music is much, much more than that. It’s a dynamic mix of rock&pop, prog metal, some dreamy Celtic atmospheres, a bit of ‘fantasy metal’ too.
Nothing less than impressive and inspiring, ”The Glory and the Fallen” is as unique as anything LEAH has done prior, twelve songs that were magically composed by LEAH herself.

In all, LEAH retains her style, but somehow ”The Glory and the Fallen” feels grander in its scope. Perhaps a result of all the contributors involved, the truth is that LEAH seems to have pushed herself to expand on her earlier concepts a little bit further this time around.
This means you have an album that is colorful, rich with texture, and cinematic in nature. With a lot happening in the less than an hour of music, going into this album you are prepared for something special; hearing the track “Sleeping Giant” (with Jansen’s vocals) from 2022, prior to “Before This War Is Over” arriving in early 2023, before “Archangel” in January.

These brief glimpses provided, the remainder of ”The Glory and the Fallen” rides high on epic arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, and diverse vocals. This is consistent, but some of the biggest triumphs would have to be tracks like “Unshakable” “Dream Voyage,” and the angelic “Speak To Me.” This is while shifts in songs like “Wings of Time” and “Victory” keep you deeply invested in the material.

”The Glory and the Fallen” could be LEAH’s boldest album to date. Glorious Symphonic Metal that stands miles ahead in genre where everything sometimes begins to blend together.
Highly Recommended


01 – Archangel
02 – No More Fear
03 – Unshakable
04 – Speak to Me
05 – Dream Voyage
06 – Revive
07 – Little Stars
08 – Wings of Time
09 – Sleeping Giant
10 – Before This War Is Over
11 – Victory
12 – Glow

Leah McHenry – vocals, keyboards
Mark Jansen (Epica) – vocals
Timo Somers (Arjen Lucassen, ex Delain) – guitar
Sander Zoer (Delain) – drums
and more…


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