CRIMSON GLORY – In Dark Places 1986 – 2000 [5-CD Box Set Remastered] Out Of Print

CRIMSON GLORY - In Dark Places 1986 - 2000 [5-CD Box Set Remastered] full

Fully 24-Bit remastered, In Dark Places… 1986-2000 is a great 5-CD box set containing all of CRIMSON GLORY studio albums: “Crimson Glory”, “Transcendence”, “Strange And Beautiful” and “Astronomica” (plus a Bonus Disc). The box also includes bonus tracks, such as songs taken from singles / B-side, videos, live or demo tracks, plus an awesomely detailed 60-page booklet.
This Metal Mind Productions limited to 1,000 numbered copies collector’s release is out of print – and deleted, because the band sued the label alleging ‘not authorized‘ – is a must-have for all fans of the band, one of the most innovative acts from the ’80s.

The five discs come in digipack’s, one for each disc. The self-titled debut has “Dream Dancer” attached as bonus track, while “Transcendence” has a great remix of “Lonely”.
All the albums were digitally remastered – according to the booklet using a 24-Bit tube (?) technology – whichever it is all sound fantastic. Loudness is not an issue and I found the bass to have a more pronounced effect to enhance the listening experience.

The standouts are the extra live bonus tracks featured in the last disc. While the original EP had two live bonus tracks, three more are tacked on and is very entertaining. Hearing Midnight belt out “Lost Reflection” live sent shivers down my spine and his introduction to songs were filled with vigor.
I smirked to the intro to “Queen of the Masquerade” when Midnight spews “This is for all the bizarre, strange women out there.” The thumping bass solo beckoning the crowd to shout “Hail” in the middle of the song added some great interaction for the audience.

CRIMSON GLORY - In Dark Places 1986 - 2000 [5-CD Box Set Remastered] booklet

A 60 page booklet is included in the set featuring a biography of the band chronicling their beginnings up until Todd La Torre’s arrival in the group in 2010. All album credits are also issued as well as lyrics for all the songs and some band pictures to look that.
There are also snippets of magazine articles all over in a ‘Rock Candy Records’ fashion.

It is a shame that Crimson Glory didn’t break through the barrier and become a huge success like Queensryche would, but they certainly left their mark on the scene.

CRIMSON GLORY - In Dark Places 1986 - 2000 [5-CD Box Set Remastered] discs

“In Dark Places… 1986-2000” is a wonderful box-set and it’s great to have their full discography plus collector’s bonuses in a convenient package. It’s really expensive right now (used copies for U$D 258 at the link below) but worth every cent.
HIGHLY Recommended


Crimson Glory [Remastered]
1. Valhalla (03:50)
2. Dragon Lady (04:27)
3. Heart of Steel (06:13)
4. Azrael (05:37)
5. Mayday (03:02)
6. Queen of the Masquerade (05:28)
7. Angels of War (05:27)
8. Lost Reflection (04:50)
9. Dream Dancer (06:54)


Transcendence [Remastered]
1. Lady of Winter (03:59)
2. Red Sharks (04:49)
3. Painted Skies (05:13)
4. Masque of the Red Death (04:13)
5. In Dark Places (06:58)
6. Where Dragons Rule (05:05)
7. Lonely (05:17)
8. Burning Bridges (06:29)
9. Eternal World (03:51)
10. Transcendence (04:31)
11. Lonely (Re-mix) (04:18)


Strange and Beautiful [Remastered]
1. Strange and Beautiful (06:17)
2. Promise Land (05:22)
3. Love and Dreams (05:29)
4. The Chant (03:45)
5. Dance on Fire (05:28)
6. Song for Angels (05:19)
7. In the Mood (05:55)
8. Star Chamber (07:28)
9. Deep Inside Your Heart (05:14)
10. Make You Love Me (04:06)
11. Far Away (04:45)


Astronomica [Remastered]
1. March to Glory (03:30)
2. War of the Worlds (04:09)
3. New World Machine (04:14)
4. Astronomica (04:59)
5. Edge of Forever (05:46)
6. Touch the Sun (05:56)
7. Lucifer’s Hammer (04:25)
8. The Other Side of Midnight (04:29)
9. Cyber-Christ (05:13)
10. Cydonia (05:47)


Astronomica Bonus Disc (recorded ’89)
1. War of the Worlds (Remake ’89) (05:03)
2. Astronomica (Demo ’89) (04:56)
3. Touch the Sun (Demo ’89) (05:47)
4. Edge of Forever (Demo ’89) (05:49)
Live at the Manatee Civic Center, FL, Sept 2, 1989
5. Dragon Lady (07:31)
6. Eternal World (04:13)
7. Painted Skies (07:08)
8. Queen of the Masquerade (06:19)
9. Lost Reflection (06:28)


Midnight – lead vocals
Jon Drenning – lead guitar
Ben Jackson – rhythm guitar
Jeff Lords – bass guitar
Dana Burnell, Ravi Jakhotia – drums
Wade Black – vocals



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