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Renowned for their mastery of prog metal / hard, LORDS OF BLACK are set to put out their sixth studio album, “Mechanics Of Predacity,” slated for a global release by Frontiers Music on March 15th, 2024. This new release marks the band’s evolution, seamlessly fusing metal, epic grandeur, and intense musicality with a profound narrative woven through evocative lyricism.
Tony Hernando’s solid musical composition, Ronnie Romero’s emotive vocals, and the formidable rhythm section of bassist Dani Criado and drummer Jo Nunez converge in this recording, a testament to the band’s artistic prowess.
An ambitious new album, establishing LORDS OF BLACK as remarkable force in the metal realm.

“Mechanics Of Predacity” embarks on a profound exploration of humanity’s primal instinct – Predacity. From the earliest days of humble animal and tribal existence to the complex dynamics of modern society, the album meticulously navigates the relentless nature of human predation.
The narrative unfolds as a contemplation of how individuals, tribes, nations, and entities engage in an unending cycle of predation. It fearlessly addresses the harsh reality that greed, power, and malevolence have consistently fueled conflicts throughout history.
Guitarist, producer, writer, Tony Hernando is the prime mover of course. He’s never been short of ambition. Vocalist Ronnie Romero plays his part too. His voice, melodic and muscular, wrings out every emotion that the words attempt to convey.

And this is ambitious stuff, musically adventurous and rewarding. That said, the opening track, ‘For What Is Owed To Us’, in navigating a sticky web of bass heavy, sludgy riffs and seismic rhythms sometimes struggles to get a strong grip on the subject matter.
Then everything changes. The powerful second track ‘Let The Nightmare Come’ begins life as a taut, battle hardened bruiser. Its transformation, over the bridge and chorus, into streamlined, sharp edged metal is a joy to behold. The lyrical challenge “Who’s gonna stand their ground, tell me you won’t back down” carries some weight now.

‘I Want the Darkness To Stop’ is clearly the album’s peak moment. This is epic Metal, lyrically personal, and (as a result) it forms a powerful statement in support of the album’s overarching aims.
The changes in pace and atmosphere as the narrative progresses and the story unfolds are handled with skill by Hernando. Arguably, ‘Crown Of Thorns’ and ‘Can We Be Heroes Again?’ map the co-ordinates of the band’s ultimate destination. They sound tough, heavy, but again, songcraft takes precedence over all those amps humming in the room. Hernando’s measured power chords and the incisive lyrics are truly beginning to bite.

‘Obsessions Of The Mind’ offers a lingering, nearly overwhelmed, piano melody. ‘Build The Silence’ and ‘A World That’s Departed’ see out the story on an upbeat, well defined note, showcasing the band’s blossoming power/prog artistry. The latter, an eleven minute opus, is arranged in three parts which some may consider a venture into progressive metal. If anything, it has a terrific piano and guitar solo segue in the middle.

All in all, with ”Mechanics of Predacity” Lords Of Black delivers their best album of classic guitar-driven heavy metal.
Easily Recommended


01 – For What Is Owed To Us
02 – Let The Nightmare Come
03 – I Want The Darkness To Stop
04 – Let It Burn
05 – Can We Be Heroes Again
06 – Crown Of Thorns
07 – Obsessions Of The Mind
08 – Build The Silence
09 – A World That’s Departed
10 – Born Out Of Time

– Ronnie Romero: Vocals
– Tony Hernando: Guitars
– Dani Criado: Bass
– Jo Nunez: Drums


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