STATE COWS – State Cows [first album] (Japanese Edition +1) *HQ*

STATE COWS - State Cows [first album] (Japanese Edition +1) *HQ* - full

Sweden might not have been the biggest producer of Westcoast AOR music at the genre’s golden era, but during the last two decades none creates music in this style like the Scandinavians.
Formed by talented musicians with a rick background, STATE CROWS emerged in 2010 with this very fine self-titled debut album, old school Westcoast at its best, sounding like the great bands from the early 80s. This Japanese Edition of “State Cows” includes a bonus track only appeared on this pressing.
Formed by Stefan Olofsson and Daniel Andersson, both played some years together in their hometown of Umeå and also been in Los Angeles were they met the crop of the Westcoast elite.
This record itself must be dubbed “the Swedish answer to AIRPLAY”…

Crafted to detail, there’s no filler in sight here.
The initial cut ‘I’ve changed’ is a delicious way start the disc, extremely melodic with a very catchy chorus. Stefan Olofsson takes fully into this track and delivers many beautiful sounds / harmonies on his keyboards solos. The extremely slick ‘New York town’ (were Jay Graydon plays the solo), features intricate melodies and a strong wind section.
‘Stella by the Barlight’ is one of the many gems on this album, with a rather distinctive slap bass and brilliant keyboards.

‘Mystery Jane’ has a CHICAGO vibe, ‘Tunisian Nights’ shows off a wide range of musical variation, with AIRPLAY influences presented in a rather clear way. ‘Lost in a mind game’ is STEELY DAN – style tune. This song just contains everything that a really serious Westcoast fan wants.

When originally released, this record outclassed everything that came from the genre recent time. Beautiful and melodic arrangements, very catchy choruses, top class instrumentation, and a pristine production that Mr. David Foster / Mr. Jay Graydon would be proud of.
If you like AIRPLAY, PAGES, MAXUS, PETER BECKETT, CHICAGO, L.A. COWBOYS, lots of vintage Fender Rhodes and Moog keyboards, or simply just good timeless music, don’t miss this one.
Already a classic.


01 – I’ve Changed
02 – New York Town
03 – Come To The Point
04 – Stella By The Barlight
05 – Mystery Jane
06 – Painting A Picture
07 – Time For Changing [Japan Bonus Track]
08 – Tunisian Nights
09 – Looney Gunman
10 – Riding This Highway
11 – No Man’s Land
12 – Lost In A Mind Game

Daniel Andersson: vocals, guitar
Stefan Olofsson: keyboards, vocals

Fredrik Lundgren: Guitars
Peter Olofsson: Drums
Peter Fredlander: Drums
Stefan ”Kilju” Lindholm: Bass
Mikael Emsing: Percussion
Pär Wretling, Olle Lindberg, Markus Asplund: Horns
Marcuz Granberg: Backing vocals
Christian Thomsen: Backing vocals

Jay Graydon: Guitar solo (New York town)
Peter Holmqvist: Guitar solo (Come to the point)
Mikael Sandström: Guitar solo (Stella by the barlight)
Petri Kivimäki: Sax solo (Looney gunman)
Göran Turborn: Guitar solo (Lost in a mind game)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really appreciate the post, been looking for this since it came out.

    Could be AOR album of the year, its that good.

    Download worked perfect for me.


  2. 0dayrock says:

    Downloaded by myself for testing.
    Working perfectly.
    Your dw must be corrupt, try again

  3. Anonymous says:

    tracks 8-9-10 & 11 are corrupted

  4. Anonymous says:

    IT'S A AWESOME POST 0day 🙂
    you take him too :))
    i try all day enter i zona-musical and don't 🙁
    well waiting for a better moment 😉



  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the site, thank you! Is it possible for a re-up on this one?

  6. 0dayroxx says:

    Updated – use Chrome browser to download this link

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the re-up and the quick response!

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