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Legendary UK act PRAYING MANTIS have announced the release of their 13th studio album, “Defiance”, via Frontiers Music. The album comes to celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary and progresses from where the band has left off with their last release ‘Katharsis’.
Once again, “Defiance” sees the founding members brothers Chris and Tino Troy at the helm of a combo of gelled musicians featuring vocalist Jaycee Cuijpers, drummer Hans in’t Zandt and guitarist Andy Burgess. The band’s line-up is more solid than ever and prepares to celebrate this important milestone with a UK and European tour where they will play the band’s classics along with their new tracks.

By hearing and seeing the band now, fans will experience both the spirit and energy of the early ’80s together with a technical style that brings the group into the modern era.
Musically the new album offers the trademark Mantis sound, with twin guitar leads and sterling vocal work from Cuijpers, but what really puts this record apart is the stunning quality of the songwriting which offers a credible mix of catchy songs along with superb epics.
To round up the track listing the Mantis’ offer their own spin to the classic Rainbow hit “I Surrender” (penned by none other than Russ Ballard).


01. From the Start
02. Defiance
03. Feelin’ Lucky
04. I Surrender
05. Forever in My Heart
06. Never Can Say Goodbye
07. One Heart
08. Give It Up
09. Nightswim
10. Standing Tall
11. Let’s See

Chris Troy – Bass, Vocals
Tino Troy – Guitars, Vocals
Jaycee Cuijpers – Vocals
Hans in’t Zandt – Drums
Andy Burgess – Guitars


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