RYDHOLM / SÄFSUND – Kaleidoscope (2024) *HQ*

RYDHOLM / SÄFSUND - Kaleidoscope (2024) *HQ* - full

RYDHOLM / SÄFSUND is the brainchild of the two Swedish musicians Anders Rydholm (Art Of Illusion, Grand Illusion) and Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art, Art Of Illusion). Rydholm (songwriting, keyboards, bass, rhythm guitars) and Säfsund (vocals) both have a renownded pedigree in the Scandinavian AOR / Westcoast scene.
The duo is releasing today their full-length debut album “Kaleidoscope“, featuring numerous high profile guests like legendary Tim Pierce (guitar solos), Work Of Art’s guitarist Robert Säll (guitar solos), Jay Graydon (Airplay, Planet 3) on guitar & songwriting, bassist Matt Bissonette (Stan Bush, David Lee Roth), Stefan Olofsson (State Cows) on keyboards – amongst others, this release brilliantly showcases Rydholm / Säfsund classic AOR sound which includes some new elements as well.

In fact, many of the songs on “Kaleidoscope” were written some time ago, previous to the last Art Of Illusion album.
A few years ago Anders Rydholm spent some time in America writing songs with legendary Westcoast musicians such as Jay Graydon, and one of them, ‘What’s Not to Love’, is featured here. Lars Säfsund wrote the lyric and is also the singer on this track. Stefan Olofsson (State Cows) play piano.

This is a pure joy not only for AOR / Westcoast fans, also aficionados of timeless melodic music performed, recorded & produced with a terrific crystal clear sound like in the good ole times of the LA Session splendor.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Now and Forever
02 – Hey You
03 – What’s Not to Love
04 – Seven Signs of Love
05 – Don’t Make Me Do It
06 – 4th of July
07 – The Bet
08 – Sara’s Dream
09 – Bucket List
10 – The Plains of Marathon
11 – Kaleidoscope
12 – Love Will Find a Way

Anders Rydholm (songwriting, keyboards, bass, rhythm guitars)
Lars Säfsund (lead and backing vocals, synths)
Robert Säll
Tim Pierce
Matt Bissonette
Frank Nilsson
Joel Kibble
Kristian Larsen
Stefan Olofsson
Wojtek Goral
Håkan Malmberg
Fredrik Wiklund
and many more



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