SNAKEBITE – Cobra Crew (2024) *HQ*

SNAKEBITE - Cobra Crew (2024) *HQ* - full

Retro hard rockers SNAKEBITE are about to release their third studio album titled after their fans: “Cobra Crew“. Whether at sweaty club shows or big festivals – Snakebite’s mixture of catchy melodies and intense power brings every audience to the boil. For their growing fan base – known as the Cobra Crew – no journey is too far, no road too rocky for the band. Whether opening for bands like W.A.S.P., KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, PRIMAL FEAR, JOHN DIVA, THUNDERMOTHER, LIZZY BORDEN or on their own tours – Snakebite always give 100% full throttle.
So this album is for the fans, the old and the new. And SNAKEBITE will attract new audience with “Cobra Crew” for sure: heavy guitars, melodic keys, fast-paced solos, from heavy metal to AOR… it’s all there. A wild journey through the 80s!

With catchy songs somewhere between classic melodic hard rock and heavy metal, the German four-piece always ensure a good mood and a real Eighties feeling. 10 new songs dedicated to their fans – the Cobra Crew, recognizable by their silver-coloured snake patch.
Musically SNAKEBITE rely on melodic metal hits (e.g. “Stormriders”, “Wheels Keep On Turning”, “Weekend Warrior”), catchy 80s hard rock songs (“Heading For The Best”, “Long Way Home”), and fine “feel-good” anthems that invite you to sing along, such as the somewhat self-ironic “Kill Wig Metal” or the stomper “Chained To Rock”.

For production, recording, mixing and mastering, SNAKEBITE once again brought Dennis Koehne (Sodom, Lacuna Coil, among others) and Tom Kornis (Chaos A.D. Frankfurt) on board, who have been working with the band since the first album.
Undust your 80s bandana and enjoy these fun songs.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blow It Up
02 – Stormriders
03 – Heading For The Best
04 – Wheels Keep On Turning
05 – Don´t Turn Away
06 – My Burning Love
07 – Weekend Warrior
08 – Kill Wig Metal
09 – Chained To Rock
10 – Long Way Home

Nikki Wagner – lead vocals, guitar
Alex Lacroix – bass, backings
Julian Snake Fischer – drums, backings
Chris Cobra – guitar, backings


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