W.A.S.P. – The Crimson Idol [Japan Remastered 2xCD Expanded Edition] *HQ*

W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol [Japan Remastered 2xCD Expanded Edition] FLAC - full

The Crimson Idol” is the fifth studio album by W.A.S.P., released internationally in 1992 and surprisingly several months later (May 24, 1993) in the United States through Capitol Records.
This Japanese remastered edition including a bonus disc with all the single B-sides plus a great live recording at Donnington 1992 was released exclusively in Japan at the end of the Nineties. Later this 2xCD version appeared in UK for the album’s 15th anniversary using this very same remaster, but this Asian edition is a collectible, deleted and never re-printed again.

On this album, Blackie really stepped up and improved greatly as a writer and performer. The vocals are much more impressive and emotional than before.
There is also an incredibly enthusiastic and bombastic approach to the drums (courtesy of both Stet Howland, as well as former Quiet Riot man Frankie Banali who appears here and on their previous album The Headless Children), and a very cavernous, exaggerated production style, which gives the record a very unique sound and feel.
Bob Kulick provide a stinging lead guitar work, and talented Doug Aldrich drops a solo on “Arena of Pleasure”(uncredited).

WASP previous album hinted at a new level of maturity and ambition, but this artistic and confident record is the fulfillment of that promise.
“The Crimson Idol” is a really unique conceptual and interesting sounding album, with excellent performances. It shows the band expanding their sound and trying new things.
This really is a classic album, one that lives up to its hype, and I highly recommend that you check it out this must have 2xCD release.


Victor Entertainment ~ JASRAC
【VICP-603341-2】 Special Limited Edition

01 – The Titanic Overture
02 – The Invisible Boy
03 – Arena Of Pleasure
04 – Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
05 – The Gypsy Meets The Boy
06 – Doctor Rockter
07 – I Am One
08 – The Idol
09 – Hold On To My Heart
10 – The Great Misconceptions Of Me
11 – The Story Of Jonathan: Prologues To The Crimson Idol (B-side)


01 – Phantoms In The Mirror (B-side)
02 – The Eulogy (B-side)
03 – When The Levee Breaks (B-side)
04 – The Idol (Live Acoustic)
05 – Hold On To My Heart (Live Acoustic)
06 – I Am One (Live Donnington 1992)
07 – Wild Child (Live Donnington 1992)
08 – Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In… ) (Live Donnington 1992)
09 – I Wanna Be Somebody (Live Donnington 1992)
10 – The Invisible Boy (Live Donnington 1992)
11 – The Real Me (Live Donnington 1992)
12 – The Great Misconceptions Of Me (Live Donnington 1992)


Blackie Lawless – vocals, guitar, keys, bass, producer
Bob Kulick – lead guitar
Doug Aldrich – lead guitar (on “Arena of Pleasure”)
Frankie Banali, Stet Howland – drums



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