ELVELLON – Ascending in Synergy (2024) *HQ*

ELVELLON - Ascending in Synergy (2024) *HQ* - full

Symphonic metal can be an exciting genre sometimes, but it can also be disappointing and overcrowded with clones. But from time to time a new band appears and grab your ears. ELVELLON is one of those, and their sophomore (their first with Napalm Records) album ”Ascending in Synergy” is sure to become an earworm.
Elvellon hail from Germany, and they seem to be gain footing in festivals and by opening for bigger acts. This album really shows us why that is. The current lineup includes Nele Messerschmidt on vocals, Gilbert Gelsdorf on guitars, Martin Klüners on drums, Pascal Pannen on keys, and Jan Runkel on bass.
Elvellon play symphonic metal with progressive leanings, and there isn’t much else to say about their particular genre choice. However, we find that their individual style is quite arresting. Their music has real heart, and Nele’s voice is unique to where it might take a couple listens to fully embrace it. When you do, though, you’ll unlock even more that this album has to offer.

So, yes, the band has the much-visited combination of orchestrations with metal, but we find two things are true. First, they are a great metal band. Many in this genre aren’t, honestly, and when you take away the orchestrations, very little is left. Elvellon has an excellent guitarist with both familiar and interesting riffs to offer, and their rhythm section is strong.
Second, the band offers some truly spiraling, spellbinding orchestrations that aren’t merely a backdrop or theatrical component; some of these songs are quite cinematic and ambitious, and Pascal’s keys factor in here, too, and the interplay is absolutely beautiful.

That’s why we liked ”Ascending in Synergy” so much: it is convincing. The band aren’t just cosplaying a symphonic metal act. This album feels like passionate people telling an engrossing story with finesse in their fingertips and wonder upon their tongue, and they do all this without sounding particularly bombastic or cheesy.

The first cuts are good and perhaps the most commercial, like “A Vagabond’s Heart” and “My Forever Endeavour”, but the second half of this album is even better. The former gives a great dose of their storytelling and often subtle style, and the latter is mostly a ballad and we love the chorus.
Opener “Unbound” stand out with its gorgeous intro and stylish guitars; “Ocean of Treason” is plenty of epic riffs and cinematic presence, and “The Aftermath of Life” having some of the heaviest moments on the record.

But the second half – it is so, so good. It begins with “Last of Our Kind”, which sounds like the start of a new album somehow. It is a reserved track with delicate and careful melodies, and a chorus that might not strike you right away, but it stays with you.
Next is a highlight, the stunning “Into the Vortex”, which has the best orchestrations and the most progressive song structure overall. From its assertive guitars to Nele’s wicked vocals with edge to the fantastic instrumentation in the second half, which gives you goosebumps, this piece is special.

Yet, the last three songs do not dip in quality. “A Legacy Divine” is pretty matter-of-fact in style, and it leans into the piano and atmosphere to great effect. “The Aeon Tree” is the longest piece here: you’ll hear cinematic, meaningful voiceovers and fantastical imagery; it is like a journey in and of itself, and a beautiful one full of light and hope, at that.
The closer “Epiphany of Mine” maintains that tone, and Nele sounds particularly great on this song with the slow build towards the end.

Elvellon deserve a piece of the symphonic metal community’s heart. The band plays with blood, sweat, and tears in every moment, and the performances are terrific across the board. And especially in the second half, we can hear future masterpieces for the genre rising from their collaboration, and some of these songs are already there.
Highly Recommended


01 – Unbound
02 – A Vagabond’s Heart
03 – My Forever Endeavour
04 – Ocean Of Treason
05 – The Aftermath Of Life
06 – Last Of Our Kind
07 – Into The Vortex
08 – A Legacy Divine
09 – The Aeon Tree
10 – Epiphany Of Mine

Vocals: Nele Messerschmidt
Guitars: Gilbert Gelsdorf
Keyboards: Pascal Pannen
Drums, Percussion: Martin Klüners
Bass: Jan Runkel


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