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TREVOR RABIN – Oklahoma EP (2023) *HQ* Exclusive

Exquisite musician TREVOR RABIN is generally regarded as the man who saved Yes. He crafted four stellar Yes studio albums over twelve years, and performed on copious tours with Yes and the off-shoot Yes iteration Anderson Rabin Wakeman (ARW). Rabin became a shining light in Progressive Rock over that time.
Just imagine, if you will, a once-isolated South African boy from the tip of the Dark Continent saving the career (and perhaps even the genre) of the huge international Prog band that he grew up loving. Moreover, Rabin wrote Yes’ biggest hit ever in ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.
But even Rabin’s massive contribution to Yes should not overshadow his solo work. Now 2023, after many years, Rabin will release next a new album in a ‘song format’, with vocals, fully elaborated, titled ”Rio”.
Today, as advance, Trevor Rabin is presenting the EP ”Oklahoma”, including 3 tracks from the upcoming album. If you love his work on Yes’ 90125 and Big Generator, then…

JELUSICK – Follow The Blind Man (2023) *HQ*

Dino Jelusick is one of the greatest, new young hard rock / metal vocalists to hit the scene recently. He surprised fronting the band Animal Drive releasing a killer album and an EP where Dino awesomely performs classic hard rock songs.
Since 2016, Dino became a permanent member of American rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He also worked with Gus G, George Lynch, Michael Romeo, Jeff Scott Soto, Joel Hoekstra, Kip Winger, etc. And currently is the newest member of Whitesnake having toured all over Europe with them.
Last year, after a two-year-long legal battle with with ex- record label was over, Dino immediately started recording new songs for his own band JELUSICK.
Follow The Blind Man” is the title of JELUSICK’s debut album out on Escape Music, and not only it’s a showcase for Dino’s incredible voice, but also his solid songwriting and talented band members.
At places bringing to mind Ronnie Jameas Dio, at others Jorn, and why not David Coverdale during the most melodic songs, Dino is a pleasure to listen to. ‘Animal Inside’, ‘Reign of Vultures’, ‘The Great Divide’, the midpaced title track’Follow The Blind Man’ are killer numbers.
The band sound tight, confident, the perfect support for thes strong songs, and the vibrant production take power to even higher heights.
A terrific debut album.

B.O.W (Brotherhood Of Wolves) – Chasing Shadows (2023)

Since formed a few years ago, melodic hard rockers B.O.W (Brotherhood Of Wolves) have been consistent releasing new material and after 2022’s ‘A Dump of Twisted Destinies’ now they are presenting the fresh opus “Chasing Shadows“. B.O.W formed in Spain by drummer Tommy Lopez and lyricist Vladimir Emelin, both collaborating with the late Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) on his last record. After Hensley’s death, they decided to launch this classic melodic hard rock band.
With a classic style from the ’80s and some AOR splashes here and here, “Chasing Shadows” is modern in terms of production, however with a timeless spirit, convincing riffs and concise songs.
This new album features new vocalist Diego Valdez (Drean Child, Helker) which smooth pipes perfectly fits the band’s songwriting. Former singer Marco May appears in a couple of tracks and a remix, while from Finland veteran rocker Rafa Castillo duets with Valdez on one song and performs another a sole lead.
Also from Finland, Jani Hölli (Waltari, LoveGod) provides keyboards, and as guests we find Rob Wolf, Baire, Dr. Guit on guitar and Ale Stabile on bass…

NIKKI STRINGFIELD – Apocrypha (2023) *HQ*

NIKKI STRINGFIELD, guitarist for The Iron Maidens and Heaven Below, is poised to issue her debut solo album “Apocrypha“. This female rocker from Dallas, Texas, has recorded a collection of fresh songs with a hard rock groove and touches of metal brimmed with catchy hooks, sweet riffs, varied harmonies & vocals that introduce something entirely new for Stringfield.
While most know her as just a pure guitarist, this solo album allowed Nikki to showcase not just her instrumental abilities, but her writing and singing skills as well.
On “Apocrypha” Nikki’s sound is a combination of brooding metal with hard rock upbeat, anthemic nature. Of the twelve songs in the new album, each contains a new layer to the record, some slower and dark, while some energetic and fast-paced.
Produced by Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford Band), the album, as a whole, blends many different influences (including an unexpected cover of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”) to convey Nikki’s authentic and eclectic rock n’ roll artistry…

TUPLE (Lazy Bonez, Tarot) – Paradise Lost (2023)

TUPLE, the band of Finnish singer / songwriter Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela (also vocalist for TAROT, LAZY BONES and others) prove that it wasn’t just a side project but an established act, as they are ready to release their third full length album “Paradise Lost“.
On this new album the sound and song-wise TUPLE are more anthemic like never before. This guitar / keyboard-driven melodic hard rock with impressive multi-part harmonies, adding elements of glam and certain parallels to WIG WAM, GRAND DESIGN or even Norwegians RETURN. But this guy from Finland is able to push aside the genre’s limits to deliver something fresh.
Add in some incredible hooks on all tracks that will stick with you, and you have one of the best releases in this type of Scandinavian melodic rock we’ve heard so far this year. Salmela and company have a considerable amount of skill when it comes to nailing room filling choruses!

REVLIN PROJECT – Beyond The Dreams (2023)

Classic ’80s inspired Hard FM & AOR band REVLIN PROJECT will release a new album entitled ‘Beyond The Dreams‘ via Lions Pride Music. Featuring some guests like ’80s melodic rocker vocalist Marc Quee and Toni Amboaje, the band remains faithful to their melodious influences with songs rich in hooks, catchy choruses, synths splashes and a bright production.
REVLIN PROJECT sound has been refined, always with that clean Eighties production & mix, but now more energetic bringing to mind 2000’s Journey, Tommy Denander’s Radioactive, etc.
No tricks or experimentation here; ‘Beyond The Dreams’ is pure AOR / Melodic Rock with that feeling of yesteryear served with an updated production…

KK’s PRIEST – The Sinner Rides Again (2023) *HQ*

One of the greatest surprises of recent years, 2021’s ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’ was such a strong debut that it defied cynicism and made it plain that KK’S PRIEST was going to be a band worth taking seriously. Regardless of any lingering bitterness or animosity between K.K. Downing and the JUDAS PRIEST camp, the fact that we now have two killer heavy metal bands for the price of one should be viewed as a positive.
It helps that like its predecessor, new album “The Sinner Rides Again” is an absolutely ripping metal record, with a huge, gleaming production job and performances that crackle with passion and intensity.
KK’S PRIEST isn’t reinventing any wheels, but when you have K.K. Downing and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens together on this kind of form, who cares?

Martin Simson’s DESTROYER OF DEATH (feat Jørn & Rob Rock) – Eternal Reign (2023) *HQ*

Sometimes a coach has a one-of-a-kind talent and it’s up to them to use them right. Like a game of chess, it’s up to the play caller to put that talent in the right place at the right time to maximize and best utilize that ability. Thus it is with Martin Simson’s DESTROYER OF DEATH upcoming album “Eternal Reign“.
Simson is a longtime heavy metal fan and bass player, who began writing music and lyrics in 2020, some of which caught the attention of guitar legend Swede CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Saviour Machine, Rob Rock) and both started writing songs for this project.
This record utilizes the awesome vocal talents of Rob Rock & Jørn Lande and gives them the freedom to cut loose and be themselves. Add to that apowerful melodic metal songwriting, great musicians and a huge production (mix & mastering are terrific as well) and we have a winner.
From the perfectly placed lead-off track with the long mood-setting intro “Holy Ground,” this full-length album has exceeded the promise of that first single released over a year ago.
This is unadulterated metal and it’s amazing, melodic and downright perfect. Power chords are certainly a mainstay of the genre. Power chords – open, breathing and tightly played power chords, and sustained loveliness. Maximum, juicy rhythm. The drums are giant, muscular foundations thanks to Anders Köllerfors and Anders Johansson. Then project founder Martin Simson bass is splendid throughout. The rhythm section are so tight it’s ridiculous…

HEAVY WATER (Seb & Biff Byford) – Dreams Of Yesterday (2023)

HEAVY WATER, the project created by SAXON frontman Biff Byford and his son Seb Byford during the lockdown, will release its latest groove-saturated, riff-mighty, hip-shaking collection of timeless rock ‘n’ roll titled “Dreams Of Yesterday” next Friday.
“Dreams Of Yesterday” is produced by Biff & Seb, with Biff taking up bass duties once more and sharing vocal duties with Seb, who throws down the big verses and plays the guitars with an effusive energy that crackles from every cut. At the same time, Tom Witts’s assured drumming provides the perfect platform for what is, essentially, a genre-less celebration of wholly egoless music.
Kicking things off is the swagger and thrust of the steamy, psychedelic-tinged single and title track “Dreams Of Yesterday”, swirling less around the North of England than a patchouli-scented Los Angelian summer’s night, a proper rock ‘n’ roll strutter…

STEVEN WILSON – The Harmony Codex (2023)

STEVEN WILSON is one of the reasons we still talk about progressive music to this day. That doesn’t mean he completely saved it, but he certainly bore a large portion of the burden. His work with his various bands and projects is always good, never dull. However, it can definitely hit differently depending on what music you like. As I am fond of saying, if an artist can make an album outside of your personal preferences or even an album you dislike, that is a true artist indeed. “The Harmony Codex” is Wilson’s upcoming new album, and no matter the music genre you prefer, you should try it.
”The Harmony Codex” is a different album for Steven, but also familiar. Some of the same names appear in the lineup: Steven Wilson on vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler, bass, percussion, and programming; Ninet Tayeb on lead and backing vocals; Craig Blundell and Sam Fogarino on drums; and Adam Holzman and Jack Dangers on keyboards. You can tell that Steven handles much of this himself, outside of the drumming, and so the album does feel cohesive and focused in that way.
If you like Steven Wilson’s progressive rock sound, this album is not that, but it contains certain elements of it. If you like his pop-rock side, there is plenty of that here, too, but it isn’t as prominent as on the last couple records. No, this album is something different. You will also hear quite a bit of guitar on various tracks, which hasn’t been the case for his recent solo outings…

BLACK STONE CHERRY – Screamin’ At The Sky (2023) *HQ*

In the past two decades, BLACK STONE CHERRY has set a new standard for Southern rock, revitalizing the tradition with burly riffs and stirring rocking hooks. The band’s upcoming eighth studio album titled “Screamin’ At The Sky” explodes with urgently-emotive pop-rock hooks, heartfelt lyrics, headbanging riffs, thunderous drums, and the band’s most thrilling musicianship yet.
This 12-song collection is BSC’s biggest and best sounding album to date, self-produced and tracked at a classic Kentucky theater. It’s a dynamic catchy album but a lot of darkness as well where vocalist / guitarist Chris Robertson bared his soul.
Black Stone Cherry prove yet again that they’re genuine, top drawer rock stars with a triumphantly heavy and anthem-laden eighth album…

GARY MOORE – Still Got The Blues [Limited Japan SHM-CD remastered +5] (2023) *HQ*

Fortunately the excellent SHM-CD format used in Japan is not dead, and now Universal Music Japan is reissuing in 2023 masterpieces from GARY MOORE in a miniLP / cardboard sleeve cover artwork and the latest remastered sound, plus bonus tracks.
A return to his blues roots, “Still Got The Blues” is the most successful album both in sales and chart positions from Gary Moore in the US.
Relieved from the pressures of having to record a hit single, Gary Moore cuts loose on some blues standards as well as some newer material here. Moore plays better than ever, spitting out an endless stream of fiery licks that are both technically impressive and soulful.
I believe Gary Moore was the first hard rock guitarist to cross over to blues by dedicating a full CD to the genre. There have been a string of “heavy blues” records produced by predominantly rock guitarists since the release of “Still Got The Blues”, so I think Gary set a standard in this area that has yet to be equaled…

GARY MOORE – Run For Cover [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered +3] (2023) *HQ*

Fortunately the excellent SHM-CD format used in Japan is not dead, and now Universal Music Japan is reissuing in 2023 masterpieces from GARY MOORE in a miniLP / cardboard sleeve cover artwork and the latest remastered sound, plus bonus tracks.
Run For Cover” is often considered as Gary Moore’s breakthrough album, and his more glossy / melodic produced. It features as well, monster vocal contributions by legends Glenn Hughes and Phil Lynott.
Indeed, checking the credits, you’ll see no less than four big name producers were employed in the making of “Run For Cover”: Mike Stone (Journey, Whitesnake), Peter Collins (Bon Jovi, Queensryche), Andy Johns (All!) and Beau Hill (Ratt, Winger), with each playing to their strengths.
Parping ’80s keyboards are present and correct but not obnoxiously so and complement songs like ‘Once In A Lifetime’, the excellent title track and the awesome ‘Out In The Fields’. The choice of vocal wonder Glenn Hughes, to guest on four of the tracks, works really well. His, for once, understated delivery meshes really well with Gary’s voice.
This SHM-CD remastered reissue sound quality is excellent…

ANN WILSON & Tripsitter – Another Door (2023)

Heart’s ANN WILSON and her backing band TRIPSITTER will release a new album, “Another Door“, on September 29. Prior to starting the 2023 tour, Ann Wilson & Tripsitter finished “Another Door”, a record of all-original material co-written by Wilson and some musicians of the finest caliber.
It marks the first time since the ’70s that Ann has written a full-length album collectively with a band. Tripsitter features Tony Lucido (bass), Ryan Wariner (guitars), Sean T. Lane (drums), and Paul Moak (guitars and keyboards). Tom Bukovac (guitars) was also a primary contributor.
Additionally, “Another Door” marks the first time in her career where Ann was the sole lyricist and her presence on a record has never been greater. Ann says, “This is an exciting time in my creative life; so much new and fresh to remind me of why I love my calling!”
It’s curious to see a ‘progressive’ cover art like in good old times when design was an important thing with a LP release, created by StormStudio formerly knowns as Hipgnosis, the legendary team who between 1968 and 1983 created artwork for the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Genesis, and many others.
But on “Another Door” musically Ann Wilson keeps faithful to the classic rock, blues and hard rock we all know from her…

FERREIRA – Baby 7 (2023)

Properly titled “Baby 7“, this is the seventh solo album by New York based melodic rocker Marco Ferreira and his project FERREIRA. Marco is a master of many instruments as he plays almost everything heard on the album and does lead vocals – his brother Alex takes on drum duties, while Gus Monsanto (Adagio, Revolution Renaissance) provide some guest vocals.
“Baby 7” shows Marco Ferreira’s considerable talents as songwriter and performer. Over the course of the album you can really hear Marco’s influences, particularly Mr. Big and Extreme, but it steers clear of becoming derivative. The result is a tight, and well-conceived record that belongs in the collection of any fan of genre.
After the intro ‘It’s Alive!’, the melodic ‘Sand Castles’ is classic Ferreira with warm vocals, great bass line and snappy riffs. ‘Can’t Find The Words’ is pure AOR through and through and features more memorable melodies and understated guitars with a clean but passionate vocal laid over the top, and it bears the hallmarks of a very commercial number…