ATOMIC RIOT – Atomic Riot (2022)

It’s fun, but bands don’t need a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover anymore – however, outfits like ATOMIC RIOT replace that with a pretty self-explanatory artwork. Take a look at their full length debut “Atomic Riot”: an ’80s arcade video game, a chick, beers, whiskey and member’s face caricature in a pure classic KISS fashion.
Oh yeah, young Aussie 5-piece ATOMIC RIOT play traditional sleazy hard rock like if was 1987 out there. Think early SKID ROW meets WHITE LION, add a dash of RATT and guitar solos resembling GEORGE LYNCH circa 1985.
Self released but wrapped by a very good production & mix, “Atomic Riot” sounds like recorded in the glorious days of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, and the guys (all in their Twenties) not only play really well – solos are second to none, lead singer has the right pipes for this genre, and there’s gang-choruses galore – but also write really good, catchy tunes…