BANG CAMARO – Bang Camaro III (2023)

Take all ages KISS, QUEEN, AEROSMITH, early DEF LEPPARD, etc, and then mix them all up – what do you get? BANG CAMARO. Who? BANG CAMARO, the project / band from Chicago that use almost twenty lead vocalists. Come on, the only band that can do something like that was Hear n’ Aid circa 1986. Well, BANG CAMARO does it.
On they new album ”Bang Camaro III” the music has the vibe of 80s rock with slashing guitar riffs, a strong rhythm section and a kick ass team of vocalists. They also possess three guitarists Alex Necochea, Bryn Bennett, Philip Shouse, that have no boundaries as they slice the strings with amazement.
BANG CAMARO is also a multi-media project, having worked with Harmonix Music Systems, the developers of hit music video games such as the Guitar Hero series and Rock Band – the Company has featured several of BANG CAMARO’s songs in their games.
On ”Bang Camaro III” they recorded an album like a movie film concept, however each track works as a standalone single. These guys are very good, streaming some of the best trad metal / hard rock with an outcast of top-notch vocalists…