BLACKTOWN BAND – MoonMaker (2022)

It’s not a secret the rock music done in the 1960s and 1970s were so magnificent that it would be digested for years long. Many artists and records from the era still remain as classics, timeless pieces of work. In recent time there’s a lot of bands proudly following the tones and sonancy of those decades.
It’s amazing to see lots of youngsters who prefer the old-fashioned, but so human, way of making music than the plastic, and so mechanic and market driven, way of today. The new alternative is also the old.
That’s the case with BLACKTOWN BAND and their new album “MoonMaker“, where the band clearly explores the Hard Rock done in the first years of the ’70s, with influences ranging from Deep Purple and Uriah Heep via the keyboarding and Bad Company via guitars and vocals. However, BLACKTOWN BAND has their own style, and being female fronted all things sound different.
A very enjoyable album for the fans of the so-called Classic Rock…