ELECTRIC GUITARS – Freewheeler (2021)

Freewheeler” the fourth album from ELECTRIC GUITARS, who have a cult following in Denmark for their lively guitar riff-centric hard rock and energy-filled live shows. The brainchild of Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes Band) and Mika Vandborg who has worked with many huge artists including Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, this talented pair are well known as much sought after session musicians as well as live performers.
Soren Andersen is also a world-class producer and engineer, owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen and has been called the new Mutt Lange. And he’s a very good vocalist as well
In Electric Guitars, this dynamic duo turns their talents to their own project, with “Freewheeler” being their most classic rock inspired album to date, driven, of course by a twin guitar attack with melody as main focus…

ELECTRIC GUITARS (Soren Andersen) – 10 Songs 10 Cities (2019)

Formed by awesome musicians from the Scandinavian scene, ELECTRIC GUITARS are releasing “10 Songs 10 Cities”. In the spring of 2018 Electric Guitars played a Danish tour, recording all the concerts. Now they have chosen 10 songs from 10 different cities, hence the record’s title. Thiis isn’t just another ‘live album’; the man behind this is talented guitarist Søren Andersen, also uber-producer, so expect an incredible sound quality.
Musically, “10 Songs 10 Cities” sounds like a lost Thin Lizzy album, vibrant, and full of amazing songs / performances.

ELECTRIC GUITARS – Rock’n’Roll Radio (2017)

We already praised here on this blog the last ELECTRIC GUITARS album, and now 2017 the Danish combo are back with another guitar-fest titled “Rock’n’Roll Radio“. The Copenhagen-based quartet is fronted by talented guitarist & vocalist Søren Andersen (Mike Tramp lead guitar man, Glenn Hughes band, and solo artist) and on this new effort they rock even more with a...

ELECTRIC GUITARS – String Fever (2015)

ELECTRIC GUITARS – String Fever (2015)

* A band with a name as awful as ELECTRIC GUITARS can’t possibly be good, can they? The name is so terribly generic, and if you add to that the name of their album; “String Fever”, things turn worse. Well, I am wrong.When I read the Copenhagen-based quartet was fronted by guitarist & vocalist Søren Andersen – Mike Tramp lead...