LIVING COLOUR – Vivid [digitally remastered +5]

As requested, here’s the funk-tastic heavy LIVING COLOUR debut “Vivid [digitally remastered +5]“, one of the best rocking albums from 1988, certified double platinum by the RIAA.
In 1988, few metal bands were comprised of all black members, and fewer had the talent or know-how to inject different musical forms into their hard rock sound (funk, punk, jazz, soul, rap) – but N.Y.C.’s Living Colour proved to be an exception.
The group’s music has held up over time, thanks to its originality, execution and distictive sound. This remastered reissue sound million bucks, appending five worthwhile bonus tracks: “Funny Vibe (Funky Vibe Mix),” a cover of the Clash’s classic “Should I Stay or Should I Go?,” a live version of “Middle Man,” a remix of “What’s Your Favorite Color?,” and a hot live version of “Cult of Personality.”

STEVIE D. feat COREY GLOVER – Torn From The Pages (2019)

STEVIE D. feat COREY GLOVER, a musical partnership by producer and multi-instrumentalist Stephen DeAcutis aka Stevie D and legendary singer Corey Glover (Living Colour), will release their first album together “Torn From The Pages” on September 6th worldwide through Mighty Music. “Stevie D”, has been working professionally as a guitar player, mixer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, writer, and performer since the...

ULTRAPHONIX – Original Human Music (2018) [retail CD Full]

“Original Human Music”, the first album from ULTRAPHONIX, the new band created by Corey Glover (Living Colour vocalist) and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), alongside the great rhythm section formed by drummer Chris Moore and Pancho Tomaselli on bass, is without a doubt one of the best debuts of the year.“Original Human Music” presented distribution troubles in its digital download...

LIVING COLOUR – Shade (2017)

LIVING COLOUR – Shade (2017)

It has been eight years since New York’s LIVING COLOUR last released an album, and the half since was originally announced the group’s sixth record, “Shade“. After four years of delays, “Shade” is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint, delivering a fluid, organic blend of blues, funk, hard rock and metal, much as the band has since they first rose...