PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS – Only Passing Through [Bonus Track Edition] (2022)

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS boasts the talents of current and former Spock’s Beard members Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan and Dave Meros in addition to long-time contributing songwriter-producer John Boegehold. And what started as a side project now developed in a fascinating full band, with the group ready to release their third studio album in three years, “Only Passing Through“.
This new record is an outstanding Prog Rock statement delivering strong and infectious melodies, powerful dynamics and complex song structures to die for.
The crazy thing is that the band excels in three general approaches to song structure: the under-5 minute concise hook-laden rock&pop songs, the 6 – 9 minute mini-epics and finally, the more extended pieces which can run anywhere from 10 – 17 minutes.
“Only Passing Through” has something for everyone, from stylized rock&pop fans to demanding progressive aficionados. This Limited CD edition in eco-friendly digipak adds two bonus tracks…