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SCARLET DORN – Queen of Broken Dreams (2022)

While SCARLET DORN might sit in the symphonic-tinged rock camp alongside the likes of Within Temptation and Epica, the German quintet fronted by Dorn is pretty different in their delivery adding a thick dark & gothic vein which make them pretty unique. There’s some sympho touches into their music, but this is basically rock&pop with heavy polished guitars, some electronics, big production, and Dorn’s distinctive voice.
That’s all you will hear on “Queen of Broken Dreams“, the band’s new upcoming album. A proof of the album’s accessibility is the song format with all tracks around the 4-minute mark. Free of genre boundaries, Scarlet sings herself directly into the heart of the listener, exuding a variety of emotions ranging from gentle and tender to menacing and somber…

MONSTER TRUCK – Warriors (2022)

Scheduled to be released next September 30, “Warriors” is the new album from Canadian hard rockers MONSTER TRUCK, and upon first listen we can say this is a ‘monster’ album indeed. It’s an affirmation of the band’s mission statement to have a good time and enjoy life. That’s the main theme of this album; about being a warrior in life and fighting for what you deserve.”
Musically this is a face-melting ten-tracker with killer, muscular riffs and solos served with the band’s bluesy nature – a guitar work that Zakk Wylde would be proud of. MONSTER TRUCK has refined their songwriting to create arena-ready catchy rockers – almost every track is an anthem.
Easily their best album – and produced, with a punchy sound – album to date, “Warriors” rocks, hard…

RICHARD MARX – Songwriter (2022)

RICHARD MARX, who scored with three #1 singles in the late ’80s (“Hold On To the Nights,” “Satisfied,” and “Right Here Waiting”), will release his new full length album next Sept. 30, 2022. Properly titled “Songwriter“, as Marx has written/co-written countless songs for others, this time offers a multi-genre release including no less than 20 songs (!) and features collaborations with such fellow songwriters as Richard Page, Burt Bacharach, Chris Daughtry, Keith Urban, David Hodges of Evanescence, as well as two of Marx’s sons, Lucas and Jesse, among others.
The LP will cover four different styles of music; pop, rock, country and ballads — “I’ve had such an amazing opportunity in my songwriting career to write all kinds of songs with, and for, all kinds of artists,” Marx said. “It finally occurred to me that there was no reason not to record an album of my own that touches on multiple genres I love.”

SONATA ARCTICA – Acoustic Adventures Volume Two (2022)

Finnish five-piece SONATA ARCTICA need no introduction: besides significantly influencing the power / melodic metal scene, they’re a band that’s not only famous for consistently delivering high quality studio albums but also for experimenting and breaking out of their musical comfort zone. Foremost resulting in some aptly called ”Acoustic Adventures” touring cycles, but also in the release of ‘Volume One’ of their very first acoustic album which saw the light of day in early 2022.
Next Friday SONATA ARCTICA will release the continuation and second chapter of the aforementioned record: “Acoustic Adventures Volume Two” – to complete this special saga and to finally celebrate the kick-off of their next, multiply postponed Acoustic Adventures trip in order to lift up the Corona-shaken Finnish and European mainland minds.
Most of this second chapter consists of faster tracks like ‘Black Sheep’, the all-time live classic ‘FullMoon’ and ‘Flag In The Ground’. But Sonata Arctica wouldn’t be Sonata Arctica if they played it safe: ‘San Sebastian’ or the closing track ‘Victoria’s Secret’ manage to spread a completely new, refreshing feeling to the listener…

V.A. – Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip [Limited Edition + bonus cassette] (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Specialty label Numero Group is shining a spotlight on early ‘80s L.A. glam with ”Bound for Hell: On the Sunset Strip”, a fantastic release (October 28th) that takes a deep dive into Strip mainstays that may not be on the tip of your tongue… but should be.
Artists featured include scene heavyweights Black ‘N Blue, Rough Cutt, Armored Saint and Lizzy Borden, alongside long lost tracks from Reddi Killowatt, Angeles, Max Havoc, SIN, Romeo (to name a few) including future members of Ratt, Kix, Tuff, etc. ”Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip” also pays particular attention to the female musicians who challenged the testosterone-laden world of the Strip, with entries and recollections from Jaded Lady, Leather Angel, Lisa Baker, Hellion, and Bitch.
The collection includes the previously unreleased very first song written & recorded by Black ‘N Blue in 1981, an unreleased Rough Cutt early song, etc – in fact, many tracks are previously unreleased or impossible to find 7” singles, and with a good remastered sound quality.
There’s as well terrific extensive liner notes from music critic and co-author of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, Katherine Turman, as well as first-hand testimonials, photos and show flyers – all into a 78-page book (full scans) in a similar Rock Candy Magazine fashion.
But wait, we have more: the limited edition comes with a Bonus Cassette, including 5 additional rare tracks!
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RAVEN – Leave ‘Em Bleeding (2022)

Both rock specialized press and aficionados agree: without RAVEN, many metal sub-genres would not exist in their current form. The British trio around the Gallagher brothers John (bass, vocals) and Mark (guitar) not only released some of the most important albums of the NWOBHM era, but they also had a lasting influence on an entire generation of musicians in the early 1980s. Much has changed since then, often either becoming vestigial or vanishing completely.
Raven, however, have persevered, immortalizing themselves in the annals of Rock music history with an imposing presence that continues up to this day.
To the great delight of their fans, Raven will be touring again in the foreseeable future – performing their new album ”Leave ‘Em Bleeding”, featuring the best the band has recorded in the past decade plus some red-hot bonus tracks.

ARENA – The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance (2022)

Founded in 1995, ARENA resulted a mega group at the time with members from Marillion, Pendragon and Asia initially. Considered one of the exponents from the Neo Prog scene, ARENA’s sound always characterized for o strong dose of hard rock / melodic hard orientation, with AOR splashes.
To be released soon, their new album “The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance” is their 10th opus and featured new vocalist Damien Wilson – a renowned musician from the scene who has worked for Landmarq, Threshold, Headspace, Ayreon, Praying Mantis and more.
This ‘new’ ARENA is fantastic, and the material, performances and production on “The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance” are simply among the best from this talented, underrated group. One of the best prog / melodic / AOR mix we heard in many years.
ARENA has something for everyone: melody, catchiness, great guitar work, keys / synths heaven, a perfect machine rhythm section, and now a classy, really good vocalist…

ALLEYCAT SMILE – Alleycat Smile 1992-93 [Retrospect Records remaster] out of print

As requested by many, here’s all the recordings from 1992-93 of New York hard rockers ALLEYCAT SMILE, some only released locally others unreleased, all compiled by Retrospect Records under this self-titled CD remastered with a fine sound quality.
ALLEYCAT SMILE arrived too late, but they had the chops for sure. Think a mix of early MOTLEY CRUE, L.A. GUNS, VAIN, a melodic hard rock touch here and there, and you have the band’s sound. Even on one track they add an AORish touch backing vocals similar to DANGER DANGER.
‘Whip Strikes Flesh’ is a kick ass sleazy rocker with a lot of VAIN to it, a punchy riff and  catchy as Hell chorus is the motto of ‘Castles In The Sky’, while on the midpaced-heavy ” Time Waits For No One” the band creates atmospheres similar to ICON…

TODD MICHAEL HALL – No Winner Takes All (2022)

Experienced vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL has been in the Rock business since the ’80s with the band Harlet, with Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Reverence, etc, and from 2013 to date he’s the frontman of RIOT V.
But Hall has a solo career as well where he takes a different musical path of his metal/hard rock bands: that’s what we hear on his new solo album “No Winner Takes All“, a Classic Rock collection of songs bluesy-based and plenty of melody.
At places, the songs on this new Todd Michael Hall album brings to mind Coverdale’s ‘Restless Heart’, early Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, etc. With strong lyrics, rock solid guitar riffs, Todd’s multi-octave voice, and a clean bright production, “No Winner Takes All” results a very enjoyable album from start to finish…

ALICE COOPER – Live From The Astroturf (2022)

By 1974 the Alice Cooper Group had risen to the upper echelon of rock stardom… and then, parted ways. In October 2015, over 40 years later, record store owner and superfan Chris Penn convinced the original line-up to reunite for a very special performance at his record store Good Records in Dallas, Texas.
The result is the upcoming release “Live From The Astroturf“, featuring the original ALICE COOPER Group consisting of Alice Cooper (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) – joined on stage by Alice’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie (standing in for the late Glen Buxton).
A packed audience, believing they had come to Good Records for Dennis Dunaway’s ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!’ book signing, were surprised to bear witness to a full-blown happening. The historic reunion show including all-time classics such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” is now becoming available for the very first time worldwide.
The sound quality is amazing, benefited by a terrific Mix / Mastering where all instruments & vocals come out clear, lively. Cooper is in top form, and we hear some killer solos…

HUNTER – L.A. Crossfire [Retrospect Records release] *HQ*

As requested, here’s the stupendous album “L.A. Crossfire” from American melodic rockers HUNTER, recorded in the mid-80s but never properly released. Fortunately Retrospect Records unearthed this little gem for this remastered reissue.
Produced by TOTO’s Bobby Kimball (who also does backing vocals), L.A. Crossfire is pure US Melodic Rock / AOR circa 1986 in terms of sound; polished sound, melodic, with keyboard flourishes and heavenly choruses.
Named after vocalist Stephen Hunter, a smooth performer with a vocal color similar to Max Bacon, the band deliver quality material here in a similar vein of Arrival, Fortune, Biloxi, Giuffria, Journey, etc. On keyboards there’s future Takara ivory-man Brook Hansen providing some awesome synths like Gregg Giufrria, while guitarist Michael Taris is second to none, melodic & elegant…

STREETLIGHT CIRCUS (feat Kix, ex TNT members) – Super Fine Sugar (2022) HQ

New York City rockers STREETLIGHT CIRCUS has been making some noise in the underground scene with some indie releases, consistent touring in the United States and overseas, invites to major American rock festivals, and bills shared with countless venerated artists, Streetlight Circus has become a name synonymous with the new wave of hard rock.
The upcoming Streetlight Circus new album, ”Super Fine Sugar” – released via Escape Music – represents a huge leap forward for the hard-hitting quartet. The songs were mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning producer and engineer Bob St. John. Guest appearances are made by Berton Averre (The Knack), Tony Harnell (ex TNT), Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow (The Posies), Brian Forsythe (Kix), and Jesper and Jacob Binzer (D-A-D).
”Super Fine Sugar” is an intoxicating mix of ’70s / ’80s classic hard rock influenced by bands like early Cheap Trick, KiSS, New York Dolls, Ace Frehley fist solo album, etc. This band knows their roots from inside out, adding their own touch with a modern updated production…

SAGA – Generation 13 +1 [Remastered reissue 2021] HQ

Over 40 years have passed since Canadian melodic prog-rock band SAGA released their self-titled debut album. Since then, they have been an exceptional musical phenomenon and toured the globe various times — all the while selling over 10 million albums worldwide.
Their sonic trademarks – synthesizer harmonies, keyboard-guitar riffs, melodic arrangements, and the charismatic vocals of frontman Michael Sadler – have made Saga an influential rock act of the modern era.
Celebrating the band’s four-decade legacy earMUSIC continues with the band’s reissue series exquisitely remastered and these “must own” releases will be welcome additions to the musical libraries of the Saga faithful.
Inspired in part by the book “13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?” by Neil Howe & Bill Strauss, in a time when grunge was the sound of the day, in June of 1995 SAGA released ”Generation 13”… a concept album, musically away from the melodic crossover prog the band was known for.
Saga’s answered the industry with perhaps their most pure PROG and sophisticated album ever.
To put it short, ”Generation 13” is a Prog Rock masterpiece, one you need to listen…

LYIN RAMPANT – Up And Cumin’ 1987 [remastered +4] (2022)

Up And Cumin’, the one and only album from Scotland based melodic hard rockers LYIN RAMPANT is being reissued today with bonus tracks. The band was formed in 1983 when Glasgow born vocalist Stewartie Adams came back home to Scotland after leaving London rockers TYTAN and teamed up with ex HEAVY PETTIN’ guitarist Eddie Trainer, drummer Tam Creamer and Edinburgh born bass player Georgie Pringle, to form LYIN’ RAMPANT.
In the mid-80s the band added to the line up keyboardist Paul Stephens also from Edinburgh, as the group, initially playing riff-driven hard rock, wanted a more commercial, AOR-splashed sound.
Released in 1987, on Up And Cumin’ LYIN’ RAMPANT sound & style is pretty similar to HEAVY PETTIN’ meets TOBRUK – melodic hard, with cool catchy choruses. Originally consisting of 8 tracks, this reissue features 2 bonus, and we added 2 extras, demos of songs that never make it into the final cut…

SOUTHGANG – Group Therapy [Bad Reputation remastered] (2022) HQ *Exclusive*

Alongside their first album featured here some days ago, Bad Reputation Records are reissuing as well SOUTHGANG second album 1992’s ”Group Therapy”, fully remastered for the first time. Southgang’s debut LP ‘Tainted Angel’ (1991) was a really good hair metal / bluesy hard rock album with killer songs co-written by Desmond Child.
Follow up album ”Group Therapy” saw the mighty Keith Olsen (Whitesnake) at the co-production helm as well as a slightly change to a much more hard rockin’ style – still all polished and melodic.
Southgang’s second record gets down n’ dirty indeed. Touring, playing naked (yes really!), and a move back to their home town of Atlanta, Georgia, has produced a band and album that’s tough, fast, lean and mean-all without losing the catchy, rollicking Southgang vibe.
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