KINGDOM COME – Rendered Waters (2011)

KINGDOM COME Rendered Waters (2011)

When you think to back in the day and remember bands that made an impact right from the start with kick-ass music and stunning vocals, one band comes to mind and that is KINGDOM COME.
Yes, you heard the claims they are Led Zeppelin clones but people found out differently as time went by. Ever since that self-titled debut in 1988 fans still to this day go back to that release and reminisce.

With many releases under their belt since then KINGDOM COME return in 2011 with their new offering “Rendered Waters” which includes eight older and three newly-recorded songs.
All eleven tracks were cut at Lenny’s Two Square Noise Factory Studio in Hamburg, Germany.
At first thought you would think this is just a compilation album but to the contrary, the eight past tracks are newly recorded with an updated feel of today’s music.
One thing for sure if you only listened to the first couple releases by the band and thought their time has past, you’re completely wrong.

“Rendered Waters” completely smokes and what I like most is that lead vocalist and founder Lenny Wolf did not cherry-pick hit songs but he went to the well and rejuvenated tunes that could have been forgotten by past by fans. That gives you the fact this isn’t a cash-in release.

The CD opens with “Can’t Deny” and captures the atmospheric vibe that many artists look for. Wolf is so amazing that chills run down your neck. It’s hard to believe that some fans lost track of a phenomenal vocalist like Wolf. The guitars by Eric Förster shreds with astounding presence.
Once music lovers hear the newly record material, new and old fans will flock with enjoyment and bring new excitement to KINGDOM COME. I’m going to tell you I am one who was a fan of that first release and moved on after that but to tell you the truth these tracks to me are fresh and the sound and production blows me away.

Next up is “The Wind” another track that’s off the hook and truly shines. If you like classic rock with a bit of spice “Rendered Waters” will set fire to your ears. Track after track explodes with exciting guitar work and vocally, Wolf is stunning.

You want a brand new track? Well here it comes in the form of “Blue Trees”. Now if you think there is a change in direction or thought this could have been a track from the past how can you differ the past tracks on “Rendered Waters” to the brand new tracks? That’s what happens when you have top-notch musicians and writers in a band. New or old the songs kick ass and have a fresh sound.
Check out “Should I”, it’s amazing! You’ve got to sit back and enjoy these tracks and think; ‘ man I miss those past days when music like this was King ‘.
So many bands wish they could scratch the surface of a release like “Rendered Waters”.

With a heavier tone “Pushing Hard” takes the band to another level and the astounding vocals by Wolf once again tear it up. Check out the guitar work and bass lines, which are sultry yet powerful. I just love it!
“Is It Fair Enough” is another brand new track that moves away from the typical KINGDOM COME style. The song meshes different guitar techniques and has a softer tone at times yet jams to a classical guitar vibe and I liked the changing style.
The third brand new track “Don`t Remember” is my favorite because it really shows Wolf’s vocals at his best and once again KINGDOM COME as a unit will shine.
Wolf even selected a song such as “Break Down The Wall” from his pre-KC days back in 1985 when he played with L.A.-based band STONE FURY, which just goes to show how timeless the material is. This re-worked version is one of the highlights of the album.

Honestly, I don’t remember much of Kingdom Come after 1993. But Lenny Wolf has kept the band alive and recording albums to this day.
Kingdom Come’s current recognition seems to be in Wolf’s native Germany and surrounding European continent.
However, with this year’s “Rendered Waters”, Wolf does not want to dwell upon the past. He wants you to hear what Kingdom Come is all about in the current day.
And they sound terrific.

01. Can’t Deny (newly recorded version)
02. The Wind (newly recorded version)
03. Blue Trees (brand new song 2011)
04. Should I (newly recorded version)
05. I’ve Been Trying (newly recorded version)
06. Pushing Hard (newly recorded version)
07. Seventeen (newly recorded version)
08. Is It Fair Enough (brand new song 2011)
09. Living Out Of Touch (newly recorded version)
10. Don’t Remember (brand new song 2011)
11. Break Down The Wall (newly recorded version)

Lenny Wolf – Vocals
Eric Foerster – Guitar
Frank Binke – Bass
Nada Rahy – Drums and Percussion

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