BEAU NASTY – Dirty, But Well Dressed [Bad Reputation remastered 2022] HQ *Exclusive*

BEAU NASTY - Dirty, But Well Dressed [Bad Reputation remastered 2022] *Exclusive* full

Many years out of print, Bad Reputation Records is making available again “Dirty, But Well Dressed” the sole full-length by US hard rock/glam metal band BEAU NASTY originally released in 1989 – fully remastered with a vibrant sound quality.
While on “Dirty, But Well Dressed” Beau Hill is listed as the album’s executive producer, he was in fact involved into the band’s sound alongside Paul Winger, the brother of Kip Winger. Both Hill and Paul, along with brother Nate Winger also helped providing backing vocals on the album as well. Yeah, BEAU NASTY is Beau Hill’s baby, and the band’s name was chosen as a joke!
As expected, and it isn’t a joke, we have a huge, glossy production capitalizing the band’s crunchy guitars, booming rhythm section and naughty choruses. BEAU NASTY doesn’t forget their sleazy origins too, resulting into a colorful collection or songs to crank you stereo to 11.

At the era, BEAU NASTY was one of the best bands by far playing this mix of hair glammy metal / melodic hard rock. It’s hard to believe they didn’t make an impact with this disc and all of the great material on it. Internal troubles lead to the band disintegration next year, just when things looked promising for them.
The album kicks off with a “Shake It”, with a fast paced gritty feel to the song that makes you instantly get hooked. There’s fun melodic hairy rockers in “Goodbye Rosie” and “Gimme Lovin’, and a strong classic late ’80s power ballad with “Paradise In The Sand”.

The album’s title track is a smoking energetic rocker that had me saying out loud as I listened, “I am really liking this one”. Next the band dug deep into that bluesy feel with “Love To The Bone”. The song has a slow drawl to the opening sequence before a more driving rock tempo takes over and you are confronted with just a very cool tune.
“Gemini” is a midtempo with a slightly AORish feel, “Piece of the Action” rocks with sharp guitar work, and “Make A Wish” is a semi ballad but pretty intense.
The album closes with a cover of the classic “Love Potion #9”, vastly ‘rocked up’ in comparison the original, fun, very Eighties in its craft. One of the best version I heard of this great song.

When we speak about melodic hard rock / glam-hair metal released in the incredible year 1989, fans of the genre rarely mention as their favorite BEAU NASTY‘s album. It was a year with so many great LP’s in this style that monopolized the attention… however “Dirty, But Well Dressed” is a one of the best from the lot, and deserve a place in your collection.
Highly Recommended (contributors get lossless today)

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01 – Shake It
02 – Goodbye Rosie
03 – Gimme Lovin’
04 – Paradise In The Sand
05 – Dirty, But Well Dressed
06 – Love To The Bone
07 – Gemini
08 – Piece Of The Action
09 – Make A Wish
10 – Love Potion #9

Mark Anthony Fretz – lead vocals, harmonica
George Bernhardt, Brian Young – guitar, vocals
Doug Baker – bass, vocals
Mike Terrana – drums, percussion
Beau Hill, Paul & Nate Winger – backing vocals



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    Love, love, love this band! Thank you so much.

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