LORDS OF BLACK – Lords Of Black (2022 reissue)

LORDS OF BLACK - Lords Of Black (2022 reissue) full

Celebrating the 8th anniversary of its original release, LORDS OF BLACK are reissuing their self-titled debut album “Lords Of Black“. The disc was released by themselves in 2014 when LORDS OF BLACK still wasn’t signed by Frontiers Music, and powerhouse Ronnie Romero was unknown for the major audience.
“Lords Of Black” remains unheard by many people, so this is cool re-release to discover this good album. While self-released, the recording has a bombastic production, mastered & mixed by Roland Grapow (ex Helloween) who knows a thing or two about classic melodic metal.
And indeed “Lords Of Black” first album is a blast of melodic metal with progressive moments very well arranged & executed, and where Romero showcases his incredible power ranging from calm clean passages to a stratospheric register.

The songwriting skills of founder Tony Hernando is impressive as his vision and skills allow him to pursue storylines and concepts that are simply immense in scope yet he always keeps the listener involved and entertained, so “Lords Of Black” it is a journey that you embark on with the band and everyone buys into the tales that he is telling.
The music is simply perfect groovy hard rock which verges on progressive melodic metal territory and is built on a glorious Rainbow / Dio & Black Sabbath frame with each musician excelling on the exceptionally strong material that Hernando has written.

As has said before, Romero has a huge voice and delivery very similar to the late, great Ronnie James Dio and is an asset wherever he plays while Hernando has a guitar style / sound inspired by the glorious Tony Iommi so what’s not to like in this very modern take on old school metal?
“Lords Of Black” rocks.
Highly Recommended


01 – Doomsday Clock (Intro)
02 – Lords of Black
03 – Nothing Left to Fear
04 – Would You Take Me
05 – The World That Came After
06 – Too Close to the Edge
07 – At the End of the World
08 – Forgive or Forget
09 – Out of the Dark
10 – The Grand Design
11 – The Art of Illusions (Part I, Smoke and Mirrors)
12 – The Art of Illusions (Part II, The Man from Beyond)
13 – When Everything is Gone

Ronnie Romero – Lead vocals
Tony Hernando – Guitars, bass, keyboards, synths
Andy C. (Andres Cobos) – Drums, piano



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